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Roland A-880




Roland A-880

info Country: Japan
Weight: 3 Kg
Dimensions: 482 (w) x 44 (h) x 286 (d) mm
audio demo trend price : 80€
manual demo comments

Roland A-880
Midi Patcher Mixer (1988)


Classic stand-alone buffered Midi signal router with 5-Dins 8 inputs and 8 outputs.

The A- 880 allows to route incoming signal from 8 inputs to any of the 8 outs.

patch router

front view

info RACKMOUNT 1 standard rack unit.
The front panel features 4 push buttons and a 8 x 2 matrix buttons.

Front panel terminal connectors:
- 2 Midi inputs
- 2 Midi outputs

Back panel terminal connectors:
- 6 Midi inputs
- 6 Midi outputs

edit TECH IC RL15229876 + HITACHI HD63B03RP.

routing schema

edit A880 WORKFLOW

Basically the A-880 is provided with eight indipendent Midi IN's and OUT's.
Just select any of those In and Out sockets, and also mixi Midi messages from two Midi IN's and send them over from more than one Midi OUT's.

is quite intuitive and easy to understand.

matrix programming


edit To route a Midi signal just use the matrix select the IN and push the corresponding wished OUT you (also more than 1 as unit ca MERGE also the signals).

editThe special SCAN functions allows to check the actual routing setup on the panel matrix.

MERGE it is possible to merge (or split) incoming signals to the same output e.g: a masterkeyboard + a controller to a single Midi module.

merge data


There are some restrict ions for senseless operation like Midi clocks merging.

FILTER the Midi data can be filtered e.g. exclusives systems, program change, pressure, pitch bender and others.

fitler a880


edit MEMORY:
- 64 RAM slots
TIP: To write a setup, simply push WRITE and a slot from the matrix (8 x 8=64).

battery replacement

editx- Battery REPLACEMENT: a 3 V standard CR-2032 in a holder, quite easy to replace.


- click to enlarge pic -


edit EDITOR the A880 can be programmed also by external computer-based editors:

- SOUNDQUEST (PC/MAC commercial)

- A880 (ATARI ST free) PIC

- A-880 Mountain Manager FREE 3.0.0
(PC works on X64 /MACOSX) PIC

a880 editor




Roland UM-880

UM-880 (2002) successive model with new features and USB port



brochure2 original roland advertising original roland advertising

Company: Roland
Model: A-880
Class: MIDI router
Rack unit: 1
Dates: 1988
Midi inputs: 8
Midi outs: 8
Memory: 64 slot







A-880 FACTORY RESET Switch on keeping SIGNAL and memory buttons


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Roland A880 FOR SALE

minisynthesizer 2



Roland UM-880

cpu circuit eh0400
cheap as hell!
cheap as hell!
olschool cheap as hell


REVIEW "A classic in studio since 1988 standard, old fashioned matrix system. Smart routing for few bucks, and no USB drivers hassle- It does the dirty work with no fancy."

manual manual
-standalone -no display
- edit interface


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Roland A-880 Midi Patcher Mixer Roland A-880
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