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Novation Bass Station 2




Novation Bass station II

info Country: UK
Weight: 5 Kg
Dimensions: 457 x 273 x 76m
audio demo trend price : 300€
manual demo video comments

Novation Bass station II (2013)
Analog Synthesizer

Analog monophonic synthesizer made in UK.

A Reboot from previous model Bass Station Mk1 from 1993 with new design and modern features.

analog synthesizer
edit panel

info KEYBOARD 25 velocity keys with aftertouch. Main panel features a simple 3-segments display, 13 buttons, 24 knobs, 11 switches and 4 sliders. On the left side 2 wheels for pitch and modulation.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- headphones
- mono line out
- line input
- Midi interface
- USB interface.

ac Power supply external PSU 9V DC, 500 mA power supply +) ordirecly by USB.


edit VOICE analog monophonic machine with subtractive synthesis.
A voice is composed by 2 identical oscillators + 1 sub oscillator + 1 white noise circuit. Some controls on the panel are shared and some functions must be selected by tabswitch, for instance: if you want to edit VCO1 the tab must be in the relative position 1, more advanced functions are accessible only by combo of edit button + keys.


edit OSCILLATORS main characteristics:

waveforms sine / triangle / pulse / saw sine / pulse /square
pulse width yes -
octaves 16' 8' 4' 2 1 / 2 octave below VCO
tune yes -
level mix yes yes
sync wave osc1 > osc2 -




edit PERFORMANCE some special keyboard functions:
- keyboard can be shifted to -/+ 3 octaves range
- aftertouch can be assigned to VCF cutoff, LFO1 on VOC1 pitch and LFO 2 frequency.
- velocity can be assigned to amplitude EG or vibrato
- legato mode with manual glide time or autoglide
- wheel can be assigned to LFO1 OSC1-2 pitch, filter cutoff and LFO2 filter
- MIDI all parameters are mapped to Midi CC# and system responds to Midi sysex.

edit FILTER resonant analog filter at -2 /-4 poles and 3 modes:
- lowpass
- highpass
- bandpass.
The VCF offers some extra functions:
- acid: is an emulation of the TB303 diode-ladder filter for acidish and squelchy basslines
- overdive filter : adds a pleasant distortion
- external feed: line signals can be filtered and processed by the VCF
- keytrack mode set.



edit LFO up to 2 digital modulators with 0-190 Hz frequency range:

Destination pitch pulse width / filter
Wheel control yes yes
Depth adjust yes yes
Delay start yes yes
Retrig modulation yes yes
Waveforms tri/ saw / square / S&H tri / saw / square / S&H
Slew lag (smoothes the waveform) yes yes

edit ENVELOPE 2 X 4-segments EGs ADSR:
- EG1 amplitude (hardwired)
- EG2 AUX can be assigned to VCO1-2 pitches, filter cutoff or pulse width.


ARPEGGIATOR 4 octaves range, swing, latch and 8 play directions:
- up
- down
- up & down
- up & down mode 2
- random
- pendulum: plays from the first step to the last then from the last step to the first
- played: notes in the order in which they are played


SEQUENCER features 4 tracks with basic step entry mode with pause or legato tie
SYNC arpeggio, sequencer and LFO can be synched to internal frequency (range 40 to 240 BPM) or synched to external Midi clock with 35 different time dividers.


- 128 slots
- 32 arpeggio patterns
Sound creations can be backup to Midi Sysex or USB dump.





edit EDITOR some utility for computer sound editing:

name platform price link demo
bass station II editor PC/MAC $$ effet video
patch editor MAX MSP free max msp video





effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free bass station II sample pack:

  name price download demo
sample download

-novation heritage


sample pack 100MB

bass station sample pack video
free samples


15 mb4 bass patches for KONTAKT

free samples n/a



bass station mk1 Bass station keyboard Mk1:released in 1993.

bass station 1 and 2

Novation Bass station 1 rack: same as Mk1 plus new cv features and memories.

Novation Super bass station 1 rack: enhanced bass station with sub and new features.



demo Official Novation demo 1
demo Official Novation demo 2
demo Moog like
demo Monophonic solo
demo Another solo
demo monolead
demo high frequency lfo
demo bass plastic
demo bass 2
demo Sub blow speaker
demo sample and hold sequence
demo kinda drone
demo 8 bits nes
demo 8 bis nes II
demo aggressive
demo bass boring
demo bass wet
demo old house organ
demo 60' organ
demo glissando party
demo robot talk
demo robot talk 2
demo percussion decay
demo Ringmodulator
demo Slooowwww
demo bouncy
demo wooblez
demo torsion 1
demo torsion 2
demo voicez1
demo Duo bass station 1 & 2
demo Duo bass station 1 & 2
demo Duo bass station 1 & 2
demo Duo bass station 1 & 2
demo TEST: all waveforms
demo TEST: rectangular width range
demo TEST: suboscillator waves
demo TEST: noise generator
demo TEST: sync oscillators
demo TEST: ringmodulation
demo TEST: all LFO shapes
demo TEST: all filter modes
demo TEST: acid filter mode
demo TEST: distortion
demo TEST: overdrive
demo TEST: portamento
demo TEST: arpeggiator patterns
demo TEST: arpeggiator swing mode
demo TEST: external source filtering




Novation Bass Station II Playing ALL 70 Presets Novation Bass Station II Sounds
intro Playing ALL 70 Presets Sounds



novation bass station 2 synthesizer











Novation BASS station 2 MANUAL






SERVICE / SCHEMATICS not available: product is too recent





gig bag bass station II




Novation Bass Station II for sale

ebay auction




pic1 pic1 pic1

- memory
- price

- No CV controls
-only 2 octaves


REVIEW " Portable synth with many new gimmicks. Sound is quite similar to previous bass station. Good entry level at fair price! "


logo bass
Nothing out there sounds this warm, fat and dirty. Bass Station II is our pure analogue monosynth. We based it on our classic Bass Station, then enhanced every area to make it even bigger, angrier and more versatile. NOVATION





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novation bass station II 3.5 out of 5 based on 5 ratings. price €300