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Moog Werkstatt 01

Analog synthesizer kit  (2014)

moog werkstatt 01


SYNTH An educational tool and a compact analog synthesizer from Moog released during the 2014 Moogfest building workshop.
Easy to built (with a pre-assembled PCB), it features a steel case with 10 slim pots shaft, 8 switches and 13 mini buttons keyboard (no velocity of course). On the right a kind of point patchbay for routing VCO, VCF, LFO, EG with mini cables, but it can be replaced with a 3.5mm version, the so-called "CV Expander by Moog" (a picture right below)

OSCILLATOR  a single oscillator VCO with tuning from 8Hz up to 16kHz, shapes sawtooth or pulse with variable width; handy and fun GLIDE control amount.

FILTER:  single 4-pole ladder filter with cutoff and resonance control with 20Hz and 20kHz frequency range.

LFO: single modular (square/triangle) that can modulate VCF, VCO and Pulse width.

ENVELOPE: 1 EG with ATTACK and DECAY, plus switch for SUSTAIN segment. Special DRONE mode  (VCA).

moog werstatt cv expander

Moog Werstatt-01 specifications

Manufacturee: Moog Music
Dates: 2014
Synthesis type: Analogue SMD DIY
Keyboard; 13 note button keyboard
Display: none
Technical specifications
Polyphony: 1 voice Monophonic
Oscillator: 1 VCO
VCO shapes: Pulse, Sawtooth
LFO: 1 modulator (Square, Triangle)
Filter: 1 LPF 4-pole ladder filter
ENVELOPE: 1 EG with Attack, decay, sustain
Original Price: 350$
Actual Price: 250€
Weight: 1,2 kg / 2,45 lbs
Dimensions: 30,5 x 19 x 15,2 cm / 12 x 7.5 x 6 inches

moog werstatt-01

video demo

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Moog werstatt-01 Moog werstatt-01
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