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Moog Music Minimoog Voyager 

Monophonic Analog Synthesizer (2002) 


"One of the last project from genius Bob Moog.
It is NOT a Minimoog D revamp but a quite different beast, even if 3 VCO + ladder filter remember the original legend !"

 Main Data 

bob moog

Company: Moog Music
Model: voyager
Keyboard : 44 key fatar keyboard touch sensible with assignable aftertouch
Display Type: LCD, Backlit
Dimensions: 78 x 46 x 10 cm
Weight: 18 kg
dates: 2002

Synthesis: Analog subtractive
Oscillators: 3 VCO
Polyphony: 1 voice
Filters: 1 6dB Slope, 12dB Slope (2-pole), 24dB Slope (4-pole), High Pass, Low Pass
Portamento: yes
LFO: 1 modulator + VCO3 can be used as a second modulator
Envelope: 2 ADSR
Scales : Atonal, Micro, Standard
Memory (latest 3) 800 patches
MIDI: yes
CV gate: yes 1 V/Oct and no more S-trig but normale gate
Latest OS 3.5

44 keys with velocity, the Voyager is available in many many version like signature, performer, Select Series, white, black, limited, anniversary, colors, wheel color... check out version below.

The panel have a special "brightess" knob for extra and eye-candy backlight! and like the original D, it can be tilted according to your preferences. Also the big display is quite something new for oldschool users, with an assignable touch pad XY. We also mourn the disappearance of the Minimoog's A440 tuning oscillator... damm could you miss it for some strange reasons! On the left side the wheel modulation and pitch bending plus  2 switches for glide and release. 

Back panel terminal connectors:
- Midi interface (it transmits polyphonically) 
- BNC gooselamp input
- 10 CV I/O controls with gates 
- external audio control
- effect looper insert (before VCF section)
- Connector for expansion VX-351

Nothing... yet!

Have some sounds or demo  want to share? 

- User manual Moog voyager 

- No service manual

Scegli tra la vasta selezione di blocchi già pronti più recenti: intro a tutto schermo, caroselli immagini di bootstrap, Slider dei contenuti, galleria di immagini responsive con lightbox, parallax-scrolling, sfondi video, menu hamburger, intestazioni fisse e altro ancora.

 In details 


OSCILLATOR 3 termically stable VCO, will stay in tune after a short warm-up. First oscillator is considered the "master" with 6 octaves footage from 32' to 1'

The waveform is a progressive wave (like RSF Kobol or Micromoog) from triangle, sawtooth, pulse and square. Oscillator 2 and 3 can be detuned (+/-7 semitones).
It is finally possible to sync  OSC2> OSC1 and FM modulation (OSC3 modulator and OSC1 as carrier). Did you say weird metallic noises? 

3 VCO oscillators

- octaves: 32’, 16’, 8’, 4’, 2’ 1' feet
(the mysterious "LO" disappeared)
- progressive waveform, also controllable by external CV which is a must.

 VCO Sync & FM

-OSC2> OSC1 sync 
-3>1 FM

Noise Generator

- hybrid Pink+White generator with dedicated mixer 


the internal analog mixer allow to ajust gain of:
- OSC 1/2/3
- Noise generator
- external audio source


Moog LFo


The Moog Voyager handels two modes: 
 - Dual resonante (up to self osc) Lowpass at traditional -24 db/Oct routed to left/right channel
- Highpass/Lowpass routed together like a band pass

Special "spacing" allows to create a special stereo mode changing cutoff between L/R channels.



The LFO is dedicated and does not need to "sacrify" the poor OSC3 from the ancestor king D's, altough you can use it as a second LFO.
There' s a  single dedicated modulator LFO (square or triangle range 0,2 - 50 Hz) but a quite complex routing bus: Touch plate, velocity , pressure wheel, CV, pedal can be routed to quite any internal destination.
The modulator can be synched to Midi, retriggered or let to free-flown for instance, as a handy sample and hold;  modulation frequency can be also controlled externally  CV at +/-5 V tension if you're into huge fatty modular.



2 EGs : EG 1 VCA + EG2  VCF
4 segments type ADSR:
- first tre segments time from 1 m.sec to 10 seconds
- Sustain segment can be set between 0 and 100%  value. A dedicated switch allow to stop the last segment release, while ENV gate OFF stop the VCA EG (also used to control by CV (... everyyyy time!!... it's stupid and boring if you don't plan to use Midi).

Moog Voyager Performance

Touch plate

-3-ways touch plate can be assigned to quite any parameters from the matrix. Usually great with filter cutoff for live performance.


- 8 different modes (latest OS) with adjustable time.
The 8 presets features variable playmode and retrigger modes,.


-2 wheels for pitch and modulation. Pitch amount can be set and modulation can be edited on the matrix mod.
-2 tabs: one for glide and second one to engage the EG VCA release segment


-All knobs, plate can trasmits a digital control message, a very smart combo of digital and analog without compromise.
Sounds and data can be saved with Midi exclusives system.

Moog voyager

Voyager Memory (latest OS)


Internal sounds and settings can be saved only to Midi exclusive systems. 
Also many librarians are available.

Sound patches

- Seven banks of 128 presets, alla can be edited and canceled.

Our Verdict 

" Analogue oscillators, filters, amplifiers, modulators and envelopes, is a true analogue synth! maybe one of the latest? a future classic! these are cheap now. A fine gem, not a D, but someting different and quite powerful "





Quality / 



-  expensive when launched
- limited FM
- who knows? :) 


- sound
- quality build
-it's a Bob Moog machine

Are you a Moog Voyager  fan? how do you use it? You do not agree with our review?  Let us know in the comment field just below 



Audio and Video Demo

"Congratulations, you now own the ultimate analog synthesizer; the most iconic product of its type ever created; the standard  by which all other synths will be measured; the successor to the synth that Sonic State has called the Number One Synth of All  
Time! The Voyager is truly a piece of history and it is truly YOURS!"

All Voyager models! 

There are a lot of versions with some extra optional, colors, wood. A infinite combinations! 

Moog voyager Moog voyager
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