Moog Micromoog

Mono Synthesizer model 2090 (1975)

Tiny moog with just one OSC! good sound! 


OVERVIEW 32 keys compact monophonic oscillator (a bit cheap compared to king minimoog)  with wood compact side. On the left side wheel modulation and revolutionary Ribbon (at the time)

-Moog multimoog bigger version

Terminal connectors:
- audio out Hi/lof
- S-trig control OUT (kind of gate)
- CV pitch control OUT
- special moog expansion port
- CV VCF input
- CV pitch INPUT
- S-trig control input
- AUDIO input for vcf
- Modulation INPUT
- power switch
- fine tuning control knob


OSCILLATORS A single VCO with footage from 32 'to 2'. In special  "WIDE" position the pitch frequency can be continuously adjusted over a wide range with the relative FREQUENCY control. The control from the keyboard and the VCO signal can be switched off if necessary.
The VCO waveform can be continuously changed from saw tooth to square to pulse using the WAVESHAPE control - and can also be assigned also to the LFO. Like the more famous Roland SH101, the Micromoog features a square SUB OSCILLATOR to fat up a bit the lonely VCO;  a The sub can be set to either 1 or 2 octaves below the VCO. A noise generator is also present for percussion like sounds,.

ENVELOPE there are 2 EGs for VCF and VCA with ATTACK and RELEASE segment, and a SUSTAIN that can be switched to DECAY segment.

LFO  single oscillator with variable frequency:
- sources: pulse, triangle, noise, wheel, SAMPLE & HOLD AUTO, SAMPLE & HOLD KB.
- Destinations: Waveform shape, OSCILLATOR pitch, FILTER cutoff, OSCILLATOR & FILTER (both).

FILTER  classic  24 dB lowpass diode ladder version with resonance, very nice, as moog teaches. A kind of strange control will block high resonance to avoid so called "whistles".
IT is possible to filter external signal line.

Moog Micromoog Specifications

Manufacturer Moog Music
Dates 1975–79

Technical specifications
Oscillator 1 variable waveshape
LFO 1 pulse/sawtooth
Synthesis type Analog Subtractive
Filter 1 lowpass

Keyboard 32-keys
Left-hand control Ribbon controller
mod wheel

Weight: 20lbs / 9 kg
Dimensions:   W:24in D:15in H:5.5in

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