Moog Prodigy

price: 1500€ / manual / schematics (1979)

Moog Prodigy

Overview and Oscillator

KEYBOARD 32 (F-C) low priority keyboard with no velocity, 2 wheels. A quite compact synth, a bit cheap built, a kind of stripped down version of the iconic minimoog model D. The prodigy has been released in 2 versions, the first one (336A / BX336) lacks the CV gate interface but it still can be added following the schematics. 

Oscillator Monophonic structure with 2 quite identical, syncable, VCO:
- VCO1 features 32′ shapes: Pulse, Sawtooth and Triangle
- VCO2 features  4′ shapes: Triangle, Square and Sawtooth. VCO can be detuned 
Mixer section allows to mix OSC volumes

Moog prodigy

Filter, EG and LFO

FILTER a powerful 24dB/oct lowpass with cutoff, emphasis, and envelop amount, tracking generator. Of course auto oscillation!
ENVELOPE 2 x  ADS with shared DECAY/release for VCF and VCA, time is estimated between 1 msec to 10 seconds.
LFO single modulator frequency from 0,3 to 30 Hz with 4 shapes: Saw Up, Saw Down, Square, Triangle. Destinations are Pitch and Cutoff.
Moog prodigy

Moog Prodigy Technical Data

■ Temperature regulated ultra stable audio oscillators (Heated chip
■ Logical control panel layout with signal progressing from left to
■ Two voltage controlled audio oscillators, each with separate three
position octave slide switches, waveform selectors, and volume
Controls. Oscillator two has separate interval control. (Both
oscillators ore and two are tuned with Master tune control.)
Switchable oscillator synchronization.
Pitch bendwheel with easy tofind center position.
Can also be used to sweep sync.
■ Separate low frequency modulation oscillator with both triangle
and square waveshapes.
■ Variable modulation amount wheel Controls amount of vibrato,
trills, wah-wah and/or tremolo.
Separate filter and oscillator modulation ON/OFF switches.
Voltage controlled amplifier.
■ Patented Moog voltage controlled filter, 24dB/octave, with self-
oscillation feature.
Separate contour generators for VCA and VCF.
32 F-C keyboard with variable glide.

Power consumption: less than 10 watts

Keyboard: 32 notes
Glide:  Linear, continuously variable from less than 2 msec to3 sec
Tune control range: +-3 semitones
Modulation oscil- lator rate:0.26 to 31hz
Modulation oscillator waveshapes:triangle and square

KB In/Out:
Input mode: 1.000 v/oct. ± 1%
Output mode: 1.000 v/oct. ± 1%
Scale factor: 1.000 v/oct. ± 2%
Scale factor: 1.000 v/oct. ± 2%
Sync In:
Scale factor: 1.96 v/oct. ± 10%
S-Trig In/Out:
Less than .75 volts initiates trigger

Reference frequency for low F (octave = 32'): 44.4 ±0.1 Hz
Scale factor accuracy: 0.1 % from 44Hz to 1.5KHz
Range drift due to temperature: 32° F to 100° F less than .02%/° C
Waveforms: Sawtooth, triangle, rectangular
Pulse duty cycle: 10%
Octave switch footages: 32', 16' 8'
Octave switch accuracy: 0.3%
Oscillators will not lock when not in sync.

Reference frequency for low F (octave = 16'): 88.8 ±0.2Hz
Scale factor accuracy: 0.1 % from 88Hz to 3KHz
Range drift due to temperature: 32° F to 100° F less than .02%/° C
Scale factor drift due to temperature: 32° F to 100° F less than .02%/° C
Waveforms: Sawtooth, triangle, square
Pulse duty cycle: 50%
Octave switch footages: 16', 8', 4',
Octave switch accuracy: 0.3%
Interval control range: Greater than ± perfect fifth

Dimensions: 23.25 in. x 14.94 in. x 5.625 inch

Weight: 7,2 kg / 16 lbs.

moog prodigy

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Audio demo and video 

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moog prodigy

Moog Prodigy Moog Prodigy
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