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Mimì the synth cat




Electro harmonix Mini-synthesizer

This is the page dedicated to MIMI an uncommon cat, addicted to synthesizers :)

mimi 1 month
me at 1 month born in Island of Sardegna (Italy) Femal!


casio vl1
Me playing DADADA on my first keyboard Casio VL1


roland sh101
Where is the grip?


arp odyssey
the top of the mountain


elka synthex
want my picture?


emu emulator II
cannot reach the Emulator II


eko tiger
the tecnician is repairing the Eko tiger... once more !


elektron sidstation
how do you make wavesequences??' damm sid!


Damm where iz LFO? polyvoks iz complicated


korg microkorg


korg Ms20
-NO- YOU CANNOT have My MS20


roland jx3p
wher iz the controller PG200?


roland sh09
rendez-at the case with my band


roland re501
true: analog echo is warmer!


roland tb303
a double set of tb303 az pillowz


roland tr606
hey human don't put that on the ground!


roland dj70
scrattchhh scratthh cat


roland sp808
NO you cannot use the Sp808


sci drumtraks
drumtraks... smooth sound


synton syrinx
Synton Syrinx ... that matches my eyez!


ultimate sound ds4
ultimate sound rulez!


waldorf rack attack
too digital, sellz it!


yamaha cs01
nap on Cs01


yamaha dx100
Minikeys are better for FM


yamaha dx200
FMMING again


roland juno60
my comparaison test

casio vl1
spot the cat!!!


thanks to Amanda from CATSYNTH for support all these years.




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