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Lexicon Jamman

Echo, sampler and delay machine (1993)


Overview and Sound

OVERVIEW Digital sampler/echo with special jam loop mode in 1 unit rackmount,  with very simple numeric display, on the left side, the front of the rack has three potentiometers, respectively responsible for the input level, the dry / wet balance and the output level. Out of order, then come two other potentiometers and  three buttons. Basically the Jamman operates in 3 different modes:  echo, sample and loop, all can use internal TAP tempo or synched to external midi clock with various frequency divider. 

SOUND All digital unit with 16 bits and 31.25 kHz band


echo, sample and loop

ECHO MODE Three parameters are programmable: the dry / wet balance), the feedback rate, more commonly called feedback (from a single repetition to an infinity of repetitions),as the duration of the delay from 0 to 8 seconds, or to 32 seconds with the addition of a memory extension which are very hard to find ZIFF RAM  - mostly used by famous 16 bits retro computer devices from Commodore Amiga . Relative tempo is entered by pressing the Tap button twice in succession. The Tempo divider function allows you to divide this delay by two, three or four 

SAMPLE MODE 4he unit acts as a very simple sampler with automatic trigger sample start (threshold) or manual push. Sample duration is limited only by internal ram, same amount as echo mode. There is quite no edit on the sample, but reverse mode. No it's not a a good sampler.

LOOP MODE  The most interesting function, for "jammin", just record something (like sampling) then it is possible to record over this loop as long as desired for classic overdub effect, replace all or part of the recorded portion, or stop playing it. Also worth mention different function like “punch-in” version are called layer, replace and mute respectively. The loop mode allows the recording of seven “secondary” loops of a duration but they must be identical to  the first one recorded


Lexicon Jamman Technical Data

Product : JamMan
Brand : Lexicon
Type : echo generator, synchronizable sampler / looper
Sampling frequency : 31.25 kHz
Resolution : 16 bit linear
Memory : 0.5 MB, expandable to 2 MB (8 or 32 seconds of mono sampling)
Frequency response : 20 Hz - 15 kHz (+1 / - 3 dB)
Harmonic distortion : <0.05% at 1 kHz
Dynamic : 85 dB
Input : stereo, - 30 dB (two unbalanced mono jacks)
Output : stereo, + 4 dB (two unbalanced jacks, mono for the right, stereo or mono for the left, depending on whether or not it is headphones)
Headphones : to be connected to the left outlet, without plugging in anything to the right
Pedal sockets : two stereo jacks
MIDI : In, Out and Thru
Format : 19 inch rack 1 U
Weight : 6 kg
Dimensions : 483 x 45 x 102 mm
Power supply : external (9 volts, 1 amp)


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Audio demo and video 

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