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Korg Ns5R

Midi Module (1995)


"The NS5R is a half-rack module of famous keyboard Korg N5.
The NX5R is an upgraded version "

Overview and synthesis

OVERVIEW Half rack module in a very 90 style, pretty large144 pixels x 44  (with variable color) with fun icons representing different functions and parameters. Nine keys for accessing the functions, as well as a rotary encoder and a  handy sound preview button.
NOTE: Soundblaster daughterboard wavetable can be installed inside as expansion.

SYNTHESIS  64 voices polyphony Korg sound is a rompler based on  AI2 (12mb ROM at 16 bits) derived from X series and  cut-down arranger i2 / i3. Basically it included the full 8mb X5DR wavetable + 4 GS wavetable.
A patch is composed by 2 OSC digital oscillator pcm for a total of 1,177  (1,049 in ROM -+  128 in RAM), and 512 combinations (384 in ROM -  128 in RAM). Editing is pretty akward for the number of parameters, but icons help for quick glance. 

Korg NSR5R

Filter, EG and LFO

PERFORMANCE The The "multi" mode allows you to assign one of the sounds (program, combi or drum kit) to one of the 32 channels of the device.  a combination groups up to eight programs playing at the same time with assignable mapping, midi channel, volume, pitch detune and fx send.

FX  Two independent and fully editable DSP digital with reverb, delay, distortion, leslie rotary, chorus, flanger, various combinations of effects (e.g chorus + reverb)- As the korg filter lacks resonance , the DSP offers a  'emphasis/color' exciter as a replacement.

MIDI compatible with standard of General MIDI: both the GS (Roland) and XG (Yamaha) formats which is quite rare.

korg ns5r
Original editor 

NS5R Technical Data


Year Released: 1997

Polyphony: 64 notes

Multitimbral: 32 parts

Preset Patches: 1049

User Patches: 128

Preset Performances: 384

User Performances: 128

Preset Drum Kits: 31

ROM: 12 MB (528 multisamples, 286 drum samples)

Effects: 2 digital multi-effect systems with 47 effects

Screen: 144 x 40 pixel backlit dot matrix LCD

Outputs: 1/4" stereo pair

Power Consumption: 14 watts

Dimensions: 8.58" x 9.5" x 1.77"

Weight: 4.1 lbs. 1,8 Kg

Korg NS5r

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Audio demo and video 

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