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Korg N364




korg n364

info Country: Japan
Weight: 11 Kg
Dimensions:1076 (W) x 338 (h) x 106 (d) mm
audio demo trend price : 150€
manual demo comments

Korg N364
Music Workstation (1996)


Rompler workstation derived from previous models X3 / I3 based on digital wavetable AI2 synthesis.

Also a 76 keys version model N264 with same technical characteristics.



info KEYBOARD 61 dynamic keys with aftertouch.
Main panel features a backlit display, 42 buttons and 2 sliders. On the left side a 4-axis joystick.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- main signal out
- 2 assignable outputs
- headphones
- Midi Interface
- sustain pedal input
- assignable pedal input (program change, start/stop, bypass and filter cutoff).

edit TECH main CPU upd 70433 (V55PI) manages 64 voices polyphony based on Korg AI2 "Advanced Integrated System"- rompler synthesis. DAC is a TDA 1305 model.

wavetable A basic patch is composed by 1 or 2 PCM (single/double) oscillators with individual settings:

- volume gain
- stereo panning
- octave set.

internal 8 mb ROM contains 645 PCM at 16 bits resolution.


- PCM A:430 multisamples, various sounds including acoustic (e.g piano, organ) and electronics
- PCM B: 215 drum KIT shot. Each drum kit contains 60 "indexes" with 1 drum sound assigned to each index.
demo hear internal PCM piano

multitimbral PERFORMANCE
combination system handles 8 parts and some settings:

- joystick can be assigned to pitch, filter, LFO rate/depth
- Midi channel assign
- semitons transpose
- pitch detune
- keyboard zone
- velocity switch
- volume / panning (also assign to individual analog out)
- interval transposes the OSC2 pitch to keep a constant interval above first OSC values.
- Special RPPR Real-time Pattern Play & Record function allows to assign some short sequences or musical phrases to selected keys.


multitimbral Each Combination contains eight Timbres and each Timbre is assigned a Program and MIDI channel, etc. Combinations allow you to play two or more programs"layered' or to play multi-timbred sequences. By assigning Timbres to different areas of the keyboard, you can create split-type Combinations. By specifying the range of note velocities which will play each Timbre, you can create velocity-switched Combinations.


filter FILTER
lowpass non-resonant filter at 4 poles.

VDF demo hear internal filter

Eg ENVELOPE there are 5 EGs:

decay - EG1: osc1 amplitude 4 segments + 4 times
- EG2: osc2 amplitude 4 segments + 4 times
- EG3: osc1 filter 4 segments + 4 times
- EG4: osc2 filter 4 segments + 4 times
- EG5: pitch EG has only 4 segments+ 2 times.

3 delayed modulators"MG":

destination filter osc 1 pitch osc 2 pitch
sync - yes yes
depth yes yes yes
fade IN - yes yes
shapes triangle, pulse, saw up-down, random same as LFO1 same as LFO1

FXSEQUENCER notes can be entered in real-time or step (resolution 48 or 96 PPQN); edit functions are: loop section, punch IN record, copy and insert.

a 16-track sequencer, each track is assigned a Program, MIDI Channel, etc. A tempo track is provided for entering tempo changes. Tracks and patterns can be recorded in real time and step time. Patterns can also be created by copying a specified section of a track.Patterns can be copied or put into tracks.

SMF: the N-364 imports standard Midi SMF 0-1- 2 also retrocompatible to older X or I format sequences.

demo hear internal sequence


5 preset direction modes with gate / length option: up, down, alternate 1-2, random and special custom (up to 10 notes can be recorded).

2 DSP generators that can be chained in parallel or serial path- a total of 12 algorithms e.g reverb, chorus , flanger, distortion, EQ, autopan and aural exciter.
demo HEAR flanging pad

mrmory MEMORY:

Korg N364

- 200 ROM patches + 136 ROM GS/GM patches
- 200 ROM combinations
- 4 ROM 4 drum kits + 8 ROM GM drum kits
- 200 RAM programs + 200 RAM combinations
- 4 RAM drum kits
- 16 RAM tracks+ 10 RAM songs
- 100 RAM patterns
- 32000 RAM notes

mrmory MEMORY RAM may need battery replacement , it is a Cr2032 3V soldered to mainboard.


mrmory STORAGE an internal obsolete 3.5 inch 2DD, 2HD floppy disk drive stores Programs, Combinations, sequencer songs, and patterns. In addition, MIDI Exclusive data from
other MIDI devices can be stored and loaded via the disk drive, just like a MIDI data filer.
TIP: The N364 floppy disk format is compatible with the MS-DOS 720KB and 1.44MB disk format.

disk drive replacement

mrmory disk drive failure: it is not standard and has a custom flat, generally the belt has to be replaced or directly by third-part USB module.

mrmory You can also change the belt with a temporary elasic





disk drive replacement

mrmory common issue is the display which ages and gets dark: it needs e-foil backlight replacement (Same model as X2 X3 X3R N264 synths).



korg n264 N264 features 76 keys instead of 61 and keeps same 364 technical characteristics.



custom n364


Company: Korg
Model: N364
Class: workstation
Keyboard: 61 keys
Dates: 1996
Synthesis: PCM rompler
N.Waves: 645 PCM
Resolution: 16 bits
Polyphony: 64 voices
Multitimbric: 16 parts
Filter: digital lowpass
LFO: 3
Envelope: 5 EGs
Effect: 12 algorithms
Sequencer: 16 tracks
Arpeggiator: yes
Sync: Midi Clock
DAC: TDA 1305



demo Factory song 1
demo Factory song 2
demo Factory song 3
demo piano: standard
demo piano: echoed
demo piano: DX tines
demo organ: b3 hammond
demo brass
demo mallet: jmj calypso
demo choir: full layer
demo strings: NY1997
demo synth: 8 bits game
demo synth: brillant tone
demo synth: m1 like
demo synth: mellow xmas
demo synth: not a mooga
demo pad: sun
demo pad: monkey noise
demo pad: a wavesation?
demo percussion: debris
demo drums: a tr909?

demohave some N364





Factory sounds reset HOLD ENTER AND 7, THEN POWER ON.


-More demo
- free sample set


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Korg N364 FOR SALE

Korg N364 FOR SALE




internal EPROM battery
Bread'n butter Cheap as hell


REVIEW "Many digital sounds, ethnic, pads, bread and butters from the nineties... nothing too outstanding even at the time. It does its dirty job for live concert - but for some strange reasons, the 364 seems to be still appreciated in various countries like South America. HINT: Test the disk drive before buying one!"

manual manual
-cheap -filter
-arpeggiator and phrases
-some good sounds - outdated samples

"AI2 Synthesis Technology: This is technology developed by Korg that captures the true essence of acoustic sound for use in a tone generator. " KORG

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Korg N364 Korg N364
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