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Kodamo EssenceFM

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- FM digital synthesizer (2019)


" FM synthesizer Made in France with 300-voice, 6-operator FM synth with modern features like waveform drawing and  graphical envelopes "

Overview and synthesis

OVERVIEW The idea of this prototype is to implement Fm synthesis with quick and easy edit using a large touch screen and dedicated knobs/keys for common operations, creating complex FM sounds. Price should be around 1290€ inc EU tax.


 -Audio Output Pairs 1 to 4 (¼ inch / 6,35 mm TRS phone jacks): Each pair can operate as astereo bus (cf. FX and Routing section). Each output delivers balanced signal, but still canbe connected to an unbalanced TS jack
.-USB (Type B): Connects to a host system for USB-MIDI transmission.
-Ethernet (8-pin RJ45): Connects to a network to carry MIDI-RTP packets.-MIDI Out (5-pin DIN): Connects to any MIDI instrument to be controlled by theEssenceFM.-
MIDI Thru (5-pin DIN): Any MIDI data fed into the MIDI In port will be output heredirectly.
-MIDI In (5-pin DIN): Connects to any MIDI controlling device (e.g. master keyboard,synth, sequencer, computer MIDI interface, wind controller, etc.)
-DC Power supply: Connects to the supplied 12V DC 2A power uni

Kodamo essence

Sound edit

SOUNDThe EssenceFM is organized into 4 modes accessible with the buttons:
    Performance is ideal for orchestrations, polyphonic expression controllers (MPE) or very fat sounds.
    Patch is where you layer Voices, split them across the keyboard, detune them and setup other behaviors like the arpeggiator
    Voice is a 6-op FM sound with its envelopes, frequency parameters, filter settings and more.
    Global provides everything else: display and MIDI settings, waveform editing, scales...

ENVELOPE:4Draw waveforms with the touch screen or import them from wave files.
The EssenceFM has 24 fully customizeable waveforms.


MICROFREAK Technical Data

Full Specs

Specifications may be subject to change until the product development is finished.

Sound Engine
Synthesis type 6-operator FM
Polyphony (FM Voice) 300
Operator control Multiplier (x0...x40) or fixed frequency (0...20Khz)
Quartertone & fine tuning
Key volume scaling (graphical)
Waveform phase control
Waveforms 24 interpolated, band-limited waveforms
Waveform edition Free drawing / import from wave file.
Operations : Flip X, Flip Y, Smooth, Set volume, Remove DC, Mix two waveforms, Crossfade, Maximize, Add harmonic
Envelope generator 6-points graphical, logarithmic, 14 per voice (6x volume, 6x pitch, 1x filter, 1x pan)
Patch layer parameters Volume
Bottom/Top key
Bottom/Top velocity
Exclusion Group (8 groups)
Round Robin (32 slots)
Filter 1 per voice, lowpass, resonant
LFO 1 per voice, waveform + bitmask combination
Waveform offset, delay & attack rate control
Independant or synced
Max. Voices per patch 128 layers/splits
Max. Total Voices 3328 (26 banks * 128 voices)
Max. Total Patches 3328 (26 banks * 128 patches)
Max. Total Performances 256
Modulation matrix 8 source/destination mappings per voice
Choose between 138 sources and 228 destinations
Scaling and Offset parameters
Modulation matrix Sources Note number
Release Velocity
Poly. Aftertouch
Pitchbend Wheel
Number of active notes
Envelope (pan, filter, operator volume/pitch)
Random number generator
MIDI CC (0...127)
Modulation matrix Destinations Operator Volume
Operator Frequency Mult
Operator Frequency Coarse
Operator Frequency Fine
Operator Waveform
Operator Initial Phase
Operator Volume Envelope Speed
Operator Volume Envelope Segment 1-6 Time
Operator Volume Envelope Point 1-6 Height
Operator Pitch Envelope Speed
Operator Pitch Envelope Segment 1-6 Time
Operator Pitch Envelope Point 1-6 Height
LFO parameters
Filter Cutoff/Resonance
Filter Envelope Speed
Filter Envelope Segment 1-6 Time
Filter Envelope Point 1-6 Height
Pan Envelope Speed
Pan Envelope Segment 1-6 Time
Pan Envelope Point 1-6 Height
Sound engine internal resolution 32-bit float
Tuning 370-520Hz
Scales/Temperaments 32 editable presets
Custom scales up to 32 notes, 0-1200 cents tuning, octave stretching
Transposition +36/-36 semitones. Global, per patch and per voice
DAC 24-bit, 48Khz
SNR > 100dB
Audio latency < 2ms
Boot time < 3s
Arpeggiator 1 per voice (300 total), 16 events, 128 steps resolution grid, 1-500 BPM tempo, syncable to MIDI beat
An event contains a voice ID, a note number, a duration and a volume. It can trigger notes or dynamically swap the FM parameters with another voice
Multitimbrality 300 voice / 16 parts assignable to any MIDI channel
Supported standards General MIDI, MPE
Misc DX7 patch import (via SysEx, partial support)
Random voice generation
Effect Processors 2 multi-effect processors with independant Send level for each part
3 modes: parallel , chained, hybrid
Effect List Reverb (7 types) Stereo Delay Stereo Chorus Distorsion (5 types)
Ring Modulation
Equalizer (3 band, 24dB/oct)
Phase Shift
Internal Resolution 48Khz, 32-bit float
Audio 8x 6.35mm jack outputs, balanced, useable as 4 stereo pairs or 8 mono.
Stereo 6.35mm unbalanced headphones jack output
MIDI DIN (In, Out, Thru), RTP-Ethernet (AppleMIDI), USB device, USB host
USB host capabilities MIDI standard interface
USB mass-storage
USB device capabilities USB 1.1 Full-Speed MIDI class-compliant device (no drivers required), 1ms latency
Power input DC IN 12V 2A
Session type AppleMIDI
IP User-defined or using DHCP
Port User-defined (default 5004/5005)
Network latency 0-3ms (normal use)
0-1ms (display disabled)
Type 7" IPS capacitive touch screen
Multi-touch support
Resolution 400*240, 16-bit (65536) colors
Viewing angle 160° horizontal
160° vertical
(Calculated for text readability. Colors may change depending on angle.)
Refresh rate Fixed, 60 FPS
Fonts 5 types
Background 5 types, customizeable colors

Edition, Memory & Storage
Controls Touchscreen, 14 Kailh mechanical switches, 7 Bourns rotary encoders, 2 volume pots (main output & headphones)
Virtual keyboard QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY
Undo/Redo history 1000 steps
Global memory protection Write protect option for Patches, Voices, Performances, Scales and Waveforms
Import/Export Patches, Voices, Performances, Scales and Waveforms from USB mass-storage devices.
Firmware upgrade Via USB
Accessories Universal AC adapter, user manual, tabletop brackets
Size (EssenceFM) 133 x 482.6 x 58 mm
Weight (EssenceFM) 1.8 kg
Size (package) 600 x 150 x 150 mm
Weight (package) 2.5 kg

Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40°C


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Audio demo and video 

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