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Kawai Z-1000


"Regarding performance, we have opted to provide the Z1000 withthe up-to-date RISC processor architecture, on which theinstrument's operating system is based. 200 instrumental soundsand 120 styles are accessible. "

Overview and synthesis

KEYBOARD 61 e keyboard, sensitive to velocity and aftertouch. Equipped with  backlit LCD screen of 240 x 64 points, intuitive interaction thanks to the twelve function keys located on the sides and bottom of the display. A stereo output, three MIDI sockets, a floppy disk drive and an amplification of 2 x 15 Watts SRS system (Sound Retrieval System) based on surround sound spatialization which gives an enlarged stereo effect and optimizes the tones accompaniment and solo.

SYNTHESIS Z1000 has two hundred sounds covering the range of families of usual instruments: brass, strings, keyboards, percussion (ten drum kits) at 16-bit resolution. Also worth mention ten user locations allow the storage of ten sounds after editing (attack, release, cut, effect ...) which is quite limited, after all it's not a synthesizer.



ARRANGER up to 120 styles (rock, jazz, pop, dance, country, Latin ...), with six different variations and six fill-in (break) for each, as well as an intro and an end.. Ten locations are also available for the user to save their own rhythms that they have modified or composed. In addition to editing styles, Conductor mode will allow you modify different styles, via two editing levels. The first - the simplest - is to modify the musical phrases of an already existing Style, then to save this new style. The second - more advanced - lets you play on the groove, effect or panning of a style. Each of the Conductor styles can be stored in one of the forty user locations available.

SEQUENCER Derived from the Q-80 Kawai, its internal functions allow the recording and reproduction of a song on sixteen tracks, the memory capacity being 40,000 notes. We find the usual functions (insert, erase, copy, mix ..), as well as others, more advanced such as quantizing groove or modifying velocity. The sequences thus composed can be saved on a floppy disk in Z1000 format or in the MIDI File standard. In this regard, the Kawai keyboard can read all MS-DOS formatted floppy disks (720 KB or 1.44 MB) including MIDI Files sequences in format 0 and 1.


MIDI and Effects

MIDI GM compatibility with level 1 and midi import by dloppy disk

EFFECTS SRS sound system gives a particularly mid high end boost. Added to this is a programmable seven-band equalizer (four factory configurations, plus two users), a digital reverb processor (five models) and two digital multi-effect processors including around fifteen treatments such as chorus, delay, phaser, exciter, Leslie  and more

kawai z1000

Z1000 Technical Data

Keyboard 61 Touch sensitive, Weighted keys

Sound 200 Presets, 10 Drum Kits, General MIDI compatible, 10 User
Memory, 16 bit PCM Samples

Polyphony 64

Styles 120

Conductor 120 Easy Conductor, 40 Advanced Conductor,
10 User Memory

Style Control Start/Stop, Intro/Ending, Sync., Variation 1-6, Fill-in 1-6

Chord One-Finger, Fingered, Whole-Keyboard, 64 types

Split 3 Zones (Left, Right 2, Right 1), Variable Split point

Registration 50 User Registrations, 120 One-Two-Play presets

Sequencer 16 Tracks, 40.000 Notes, Accompaniment Track,
Tempo Track, Realtime and Step recording, Event Edit,
Bar Edit, Groove Design, etc.

Style Maker Bar Length, Sound Assign, Mixer, Groove, Quantize, Copy,
Preset Tempo, etc...

Style Converter 7 modules (provided by EMC Software)

Sound Edit ADSR Envelop, Filter

Effects 1 Reverb with 5 Algorhythm, 2 Effect processors (Rotary
Speaker, 5 Delays, Auto Pan, Chorus, Flanger, Ensemble,
Celeste, Tremolo, Phaser, Exciter, Distortion), Duet, Sustain,

Concert Magic 100 Songs

Quick Play Direct playback of SMF data from floppy disk

Disk Drive Load/Save (Easy Conductor Styles, Advanced Conductor
Styles, User Styles, Registrationen, Sequencersongs (SMF
0+1), User Sounds)

Display 240X 64 Full Dot LCD (Backlit)

Output 2X15W

Speaker 2X12cm + 2X5cm

Terminals Line Out (L/Mono,R), Foot pedal, Expression pedal,
MIDI (In/Out/Thru), AC-In

Controllers Pitch Bend Wheel, Modulation Wheel (also assignable)

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Audio demo and video 

kawai z1000 kawai z1000
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