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Kawai ACR-20

Kawai Digital Accompaniment Arranger (1999)


"Thank you for purchasing the Kawai ACR-20. The ACR-20 allows you to record, play back and
edit MIDI performances. You cannot use a Sequencer in place of a tape recorder to record your voice 
or an acoustic instrument. The Sequencer plays back the performance through the internal Sound
Module or any other MIDI equipped sound source." ACR20 kawai manual


OVERVIEW The ACR-20 is a midi module generator (PCM) with mic input aimed for home karaoke. It featyres an arranger and a sequencer .
On top an LCD screen with adjustable contrast and the various function keys of the device. At the back is all the connections used to connect it in MIDI and audio, while at the front a obsolete floppy drive, as well as a pot ofr master volume. 

MIDI PLAY GM mode can read midi files, the floppy disk must be formatted MS-DOS (both DD / DD 720 Ko or 1,4 Mo). t is also possible to play all the sequences one after the other by choosing the "all song" option which appears when all the song titles have been scrolled. For MIDI sequences in format 1, a star is written in front of the title, thus making it possible to differentiate them. When playing back a song, you can rewind or fast forward, which will set the tempo to 300 and speed up the sequence. The "part mute" feature will silence the selected track or play it with only half the overall volume. 


Sound, sequencer and arranger

SEQUENCER  the internal sequencer is capable of recording in real time a sequence of 16 and then be stored on diskette, consider a 720 KB diskette can contain approximately 112 songs which is 80,000 notesand double for  1.4 MB disk. The "concert magic" function is a kind of tempo corrector: by pressing a key on your keyboard or pressing an ACR-20 button, the song will be played according to your own rhythm. For example, start a song, tap the button once to hear the first notes.
The unit can be synched to external Midi clock.   

ARRANGER  about 100 styles (pop, rock, classical, jazz ...) +25 extra others present on the factory.diskette A style is made up of five parts: bass / drums / chord 1, 2 and 3 which are easy to mute independently while playing. Each style has an intro and an end, as well as two "fill in", which means that many combinations are possible. 1Also 6 style RAM locations to store own creation 

SOUND GENERATOR 28 note polyphony (8 for drums, 20 for others) rompler with 226 sounds (including 128 General MIDI sounds) and 9 Drum kits ( including 1 SFX kit) . Not really edit, not much else but a reverb effect


Kawai ACR20 Technical Data


Styles: 100 preset styles plus 16 user styles, 25 styles on an an accessory disk

Tones: 226 sounds (including 128 General MIDI sounds) and 9 Drum kits ( including 1 SFX kit)

Polyphony: 28 notes (8 for drums, 20 for others)

Effects: Reverb Time Signature: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 5/4

Recorder: 50,000 notes, 16-Track, Real-time and Punch-In/Out

Disk Storage: Up to 112 songs, 80,000 notes on a 3.5" 2DD (720K) floppy disk Up to 224 songs, 160,000 notes on a 3.5" 2HD (1.4M) floppy disk

Display: 16 characters x 4 line LCD (variable LCD contrast)

Other Functions: Concert Magic, Quantize, Transpose, Auto Tuning, Repeat, Metronome, Count-In, Merge, Part Mute, Style Making, Standard MIDI File playback (both format 0 and 1). Save songs as SMF format 0

Accessories: Demo Disk, Audio Cable, MIDI Cable, AC Adaptor, Lift-Back Stand Jacks:

MIDI In/Out, Headphone, Output (L/Mono, R), Input (L/Mono, R), DC In (10VDC, 1A)

Dimensions: 3/18" x 12 1/2" x 9 1/8" Weight: 4.6 lbs.

Kawai ACR20

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Audio demo and video 

Kawai ACR-20 Kawai ACR-20
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