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Gem Wk-8


Overview and synthesis

KEYBOARD  SE edition Keyboard 61 keys arranger with dynamics and aftertouch version,
LE VERSION: comes with an internal hard disk updated in content and a different look with pre filled MIDI songs.

SOUND WK8 workstation features 64 notes of polyphony and a 32-part multitimbricity, 64 Realtime performances .
1,035 sounds organized into sixteen keys classify the sounds by genre (piano, brass, percussion, bass, organ, guitar,...), with for each genre, sixteen banks of eight sounds each (first is General MIDI compatible).

SAMPLING and RAM  it is possibleto load external samples to serve as waveforms for the creation of new sounds. First of all, note that the Sample Translator command in the sound editing menu allows the import and export of samples in RAM in different formats: Wave, AIFF, Sample Vision, Sound Designer 1 and finally Akai and Kurzweil.  The WK8's RAM memory is 8 MB (2 for the WK6), saved after the device is switched off, and can be extended to 32 by adding additional SIMM modules. Some standard sample functions: determining a loop, normalizing, cutting  and more.

EFFECTS two effect sends for each track, choosing between the 24 reverbs and the 32 modulation effects ( 24 types of room, plate reverb respectively ... ) and one of the 32 types of modulation (delay, chorus, flanger, EQ, distortion ...) available in each DSP group


Arranger and Midi

ARRANGER AND SEQUENCER The section dedicated to automatic accompaniments offers various musical styles,ranging from numerous genres e.g Pop to Rock, from Folk to Latin. There are 192 rom styles and 32 user locations, each with 4 variations and 8 tracks, as well as 16 RASS styles characterized by sample grooves that can be synchronized with the other tracks of the accompaniment, which allow the creation of rhythmic bases. The sequencer offers somes functions for creating and editing backing tracks, managing up to 32 tracks and 250,000 events on 16 Song locations. The microscopic editing, the groove quantize and the 'Load-while-Playing' function.

MIDI fully GM compatible (reading and saving) and that it accepts SMF sequences in formats 0, 1 and 1 + lyrics. In addition, it adopts the GMX format, that is to say the General MIDI standard plus the eXtended format, specially developed by GEM (it takes into account the first three instruments of each bank and uses only sixteen tracks). A Jukebox function allows you to program a succession of songs saved in memory and to execute them using a single command, while a Preload function allows the creation of lists of songs or MIDI files on floppy disks for send in execution using also a single command. 

OPTION The Video Out connection option connects WK8LE to any TV or monitor equipped with a SCART socket  allowing you to view the melody, the chords and the lyrics, even in karaoke mode. By connecting any sound source to the audio input it is possible to process the signal through the use of the internal effects and, thanks to the Vocal Processor, it is possible to add in real time up to 4 perfectly harmonized melodic lines to the chord played on the keyboard or programmed in a sequencer track, creating create choral parts and second voices.
Other option:
Oriental kit 
SCSI interface: 120 € 
PAL audio / video interface (no harmonizer)
Audio / video interface + harmonizer:
HD Mounting kit:  (allows you to include an internal disk of your choice, up to 2 GB maximum) 


GEM WK8 Technical Data

Main features:

  • Keyboard: 61 keys with dynamics and aftertouch
  • Polyphony: 64 notes max
  • Sounds: 1,035 PCM sounds + 16 piano sounds (PRO2 library), sound edit, sample translator
  • Performances: 64 real-time editable
  • Effects: 4 processors divided into 2 groups - 24 reverbs and 32 programmable modulations for each group; 3D stereo enhancer
  • Operating mode: Full keyboard, upper / lower, multi, split (progr.)
  • Controls: Track ball (pitch, modulation), volume slider, input slider, 8 multifunction sliders, 8 function keys (F1 ... F8), dial, transpose, tuning, touch sensitivity
  • Pads: 4 programmable pads
  • Display: backlit 320 x 240 graphic LCD, adjustable contrast
  • Styles: 192 ROM styles + 32 programmable x 4 variations, 8 tracks (drums, bass, acc 1/2/3/4/5/6), 16 RASS styles
  • Styles controls: Start / stop, intro, ending, key start, var. 1-2-3-4, fade in / out, 3 fill keys (tap tempo), arrange on / off, arrange memory, lower memory, arrange mode / split, tempo lock, style lock, harmony on / off, harmony type , bass to lowest
  • Single Touch Play: 8 style performances per style (progr.)
  • Sequencer: 16 songs, 32 tracks, 250,000 events, microscopic editing, 'direct-from-HD / floppy' function
  • Disk Drive: Load, save, delete, format (720 Kb - 1.44 Mb - 1.62 Mb), utility, 'direct-from-floppy / hard disk' functions (Midifiles only), 'load-while-playing', 'play- all-songs'
  • Compatibility: Standard MIDI files (0, 1, 1 + lyrics), WK4, GMX, WX / SX, RASS, DOC , Disklavier ?, Piano Disk ?, Tune1000 , .kar files
  • Hard Disk: Internal hard disk (2.5``, IDE) with 2,000 songs, 192 styles, 60 Mb of PCM samples
  • Connections: Stereo outputs x 2, stereo inputs with volume control, audio / video interface, host computer (PC1, PC2, Mac), 2 stereo headphones, volume pedal, 3 programmable pedals, dynamic pedal, 2 MIDI In, 2 Out, 2 Thru, SCSI interface (optional)
  • Amplification: 25W + 25W, 2-way, 4 speakers, bass boost function
  • Extras: Audio / video interface with vocal processor, 8Mb D-RAM module, operating system upgradeable via floppy
  • Dimensions (L x H x D): 1,100 x 150 x 390 mm
  • Weight: 15,5 kg

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Audio demo and video 

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