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EMU Orbit 9090



EMU Orbit 9090

infoCountry: USA
Weight: 3,1 Kg
Dimensions: 4,5 x 48,26 x 21,59 cm
audio demo trend price : 100€
demo video comments

EMU Orbit 9090
The Dance Planet (1996)


Rackmount module based on a samples wavetable: sounds are oriented to techno and dance music from mid-nineties.

emu orbit tech

info RACKMOUNT 1 unit height.
Main panel features 5 buttons, a 2 X 16 lines backlit display, a single knob for volume and a data wheel encoder.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- Midi interface
- 2x main signal out
- 4 X analog outs
- LED for Midi signal.

POWER SUPPLY internal switch 110V/220V (check it ANYWAY).


edit VOICE a Motorola 68000 CPU (MC68hc00fn10) manages 32 voices of polyphony, DACS are 6 X 16 bits AD1861 (by analog devices).
Orbit is a rompler machine and a basic voice is composed by 1 or 2 samples or oscillators called Primary and Secondary Instruments. Each instruments have individual wave parameters:
- volume / paning
- delay start
- pitch tuning coarse and fine
- zone assign
- chorus mode (thicker sound)
- reverse playback flag
- monophonic mode with variable portamento rate
- crossade fade volume Primary--> Secondary or vice versa



edit WAVETABLE the non-expandable 8 MB ROM contains 386 PCM samples coded at 16 bits at 39 kHz frequency rate. Some names stands out like Roland TB303, JUNO bass, Casio CZ101 and many Roland TR909 drums percussions.


edit EXPANSION UPDATE ORBIT V2 this expansion model 9095 is composed by 2 new eproms adds a new OS as well as a new soundset.
TIP: See differences "Orbit V1 vs V2"


v2 eprom


edit PERFORMANCE the 32 voics polyphony can be assigned to 16 parts each with individual parameters:
- footswitch assign (assignable to any Midi CC#)
- master tune with semitones transpose
- realtime modulation matrix (check out table below "matrix")
- scale: equal, C, Vallotti, Gamelan and user.



edit FILTER a single resonant digital filter for both primary and secondary.
There are 2 kinds of filters A-B out of 17 models:
- standard: 3 lowpasses, 2 highpasses and 2 bandpasses
- Zplanes: 10 models partially derived from Emu Morpheus including sweep, vocal formant and phaser.

emu vintage keys


edit ENVELOPE 3 EGs:
- primary EG: ADSR with 2 times
- secondary EG: same as primary
- AUX EG: same as primary.
In addition, the Orbit features 8 preset velocity curves.

emu vintage keys


edit LFO there are 2 interchangeable delayed digital modulators (5 shapes: triangle, square, random, sinewave and sawtooth) with variable amount and "variance" factor - a modulation desync.

emu vintage keys



edit MATRIX the LFO are assignable to the real-time modulation control matrix:

pitch wheel pitch (pri /sec / both)
MIDI CC# (4 X called A B C D) filter cutoff (pri / sec / both)
Mono pressure volume (pri / sec / both)
Poly pressure ADSR (pri / sec / both)
LFO 1 / LFO 2 Crossfade
AUX EG LFO1 amount / rate
  LFO2 amount / rate
  portament rate (pri / sec / both)
  EG AUX ADSR (pri / sec / both)
  Panning (pri / sec / both)


edit SEQUENCER the BEAT SEQUENCER is a groove arranger based on 55 beat presets with real-time transpose.
The V2 update adds:
- 45 new beats a Midi out control for other Midi compliant units
- a SONG composer to make own beat sequences with the X-factor function which streches samples to a BPM.
SYNC Both LFO and BEAT sequencer can be synched to master clock (range from 5 to 500 BPM) or sync to external Midi clock



edit MEMORY:
- 256 ROM patches
- 256 RAM slots
- 128 Extra preset in V2 version
Memory sytem works with a CR-2032 lithium battery in a holder, replacement is quite easy.

battery replacement

edit EDITORS there are some free and commercial computer-based softwares:
- PPC (free - LINK)
- Soundquest (commercial)
- Orbedit 1.1 (free, old PC) PIC

orbit editor


edit MAINTENANCE not much, should be ok for years - just typical trouble with the rotary encoder that may need cleaning after years and dust.

v2 eprom


ORBIT 1 VS ORBIT V2 comparison and main differences:

  classic V2
RAM slots 256 256
ROM slots 256 384
Beats 55 100
Beats Midi out no yes
Song mode no yes

orbit editor



orbit 3

EMU ORBIT 3 orbit updated to steroids but different and bigger wavetable. Final EMU edition VIDEO

EMU XL-1 this rack contains all ORBIT 1-2 PCM
Also released in:
- groovebox version XL-7
- keyboard version model XK-6

orbit rom ORBIT ROM same soundset could be installed in EMU samplers series like E-IV, Ultra, Esynth and more.

EMU PLANET PHATT same hardware but PCM wavetable oriented to HIP HOP. Later updated to MOPHATT like Orbit 3.

EMU CARNAVAL same hardware but oriented to latino instruments and percussions VIDEO

emu launchpad

EMU LAUNCHPAD performance control Midi controller optimized for the EMU Orbit.




effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free and commercial samples set:

  name price demo
emu proteus x EMU CREATIVE Xtreme Lead X

PLUGIN commercial.
Should contains all Orbit samples

. For emulator X and Proteus X softwares.





demo Factory demo 1
demo Factory demo 2
demo my demo 100% orbit with overdub
demo Emu orbit track 1
demo Emu orbit track 2
demo Emu orbit track 3
demo gurgling pad
demo Various drum patterns
demo LFO noises
demo dark chords
demo filter pad
demo chill out
demo sub bass
demo crappy chords


demo1 video2 demo3
demo demo2 demo3



emu orbit



Company: E-MU
Model: Ultraproteus
: module
Dates: 1994
Price: 200€
Synthesis: PCM rompler
Resolution: 16 bits
Sampling Rate: 39 kHz
Oscillator: 2
Polyphony: 32 voices
Multitimbric: 16 parts
Filter: 288 Zplanes
LFO: 2
Demo: 14







Switch ON while holding both Cursor buttons down. Then search for INITIALIZE in the DIAGNOSTIC page. Confirm with ENTER


-More demos
- free sample set


emu vintage keys




deep bass nineAccording to Emu archive (now offline) the waveset has been created in cooperation witth Control synthesis who made the Deep bass Nine module

emu vintage keys

Emu Orbit for sale

emu orbit for sale


emu vintage keys



emu vintage keys






emu vintage keys






emu vintage keys





emu vintage keys

Dates: 1996
Price: 200€
Synthesis: PCM rompler
Resolution: 16 bits
Sampling Rate: 39 kHz
Oscillator: 2
Polyphony: 32 voices
Multitimbric: 16 parts
Filter: 288 Zplanes
LFO: 2


REVIEW "Too much stupid samples of yeahh and major chords--- anyway the Orbit was a good PCM sources, but now it is quite old. Instead consider a more modern V3 or Xlead with more features. Now at bargain price"

manual manual
-cheap - obsolete PCM
-matrix modulation
- edit


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