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Elektron Digitone

8 voices digital FM synthesizer (2018)



Overview The digitone is a kind of groovebox mixed with a 4 op synthesizer able to generatore 8 voices polyphony. Also 4 tracks sequencer with Midi facilities with famous "parameter lock" from Elektron.  Metallic case, OLED display, sturdy built for a mere 1,5 kg weight, 8 big encoders for parameter tweaks and 16 trigger buttons. The digitone Internal memory (the drive) features 128 projects (songs) and 2048 slots for FM patches. 
Arpeggiator  Can be used only for internal synthesis (not external midi devices). It is possible to set step lenght, dividers, number of steps and real time transpose.
Sequencer 4 tracks as we said, variable swing mode, step mode or real time recording notes. Up to 64 steps are allowed with fine micro offset note; each step can have different parameters of notes (up to 3 notes chords).  Each track have a number of reserved voice, for voice stealing mode and priority. Of course sequences can be chained to make a SONG.

Also a keyboard version is available, read HERE


Synthesis, filter, LFO and FX

FM the main core is based on simple 4 OP FM (not six like traditional DX7) which is edited by two main functions: SYN1 and SYN2 which allow to set algorithms, feedbacks, detune between osc.All is very "user friendly" if you hated the DX7 method, all here is pretty like real time.
Filter is digital and multimode (LPF 12 dB/Oct, LPF 24 dB/Oct, HPF 12 dB/Oct) with tradition subtractive resonance and cutoff.
LFO modulator with 7 shapes (tri, sqr, sin, saw, exp, ramp, rnd) and various time divides which can be slaved to midi clock.
Effects 3 with chorus, delay and reverb, all can be edited or synched like delay.
Fm synthesis

DIGITONE Technical Data

Digitone specifications

Synth voice features
  • 8 voice polyphony (multitimbral)
  • Multiple FM algorithms
  • 1 × multimode filter per voice
  • 1 × base-width filter per voice
  • 1 × overdrive per voice
  • 2 × assignable LFO per voice
  • 4 synth tracks
  • 4 MIDI tracks
  • 1 arpeggiator per track
  • Polyphonic sequencing
  • Individual track lengths
  • Parameter locks
  • Micro timing
  • Trig conditions
  • Sound per step change
Send & master effects
  • Panoramic Chorus send effect
  • Saturator Delay send effect
  • Supervoid Reverb send effect
  • Overdrive master effect
  • 128 × 64 pixel OLED screen
  • 2 × 1/4” impedance balanced audio out jacks
  • 2 × 1/4” audio in jacks
  • 1 × 1/4” stereo headphone jack
  • 48 kHz, 24-bit D/A and A/D converters
  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru with DIN Sync out
Physical specification
  • Sturdy steel casing
  • Dimensions: W 215 × D 176 × H 63 mm (8.5” × 6.9” × 2.5”) (including knobs and feet)
  • Weight: approximately 1.49 kg (3.3 lbs)
  • 100 × 100 mm VESA mounting holes. Use M4 screws with a max length of 7 mm.

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Audio demo and video 

Elektron Digitone Elektron Digitone
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