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Dinsync Re-303

Space Cadet Bass liner (2019)


"The DinSync RE-303 claims to be a REPLICA of famous Roland tb303 not a mere clone , in a affordable DIY project "


OVERVIEW The DINSYNC manufacturer, from modular world, took the iconic Tb take the original and recreated the printed circuit board.
The case depends of course on what you are able to do! however some models ready to go are available, most common are of course SILVER like the original or a classy black version. So true first project used original CPU UP650C or alternatively, the Quicksilver CPU. Some times later engineer of well-known Sonic Potions developed and provided his own CPU with enhancements like Midi, better recording mode, random pattern generator , playback directions and a modern memory storage system. Other difficult parts are transistors (2SC2291, 3x 2SC1583, 2SK30A-O, LA4140, 8x 2sc2021R.) and some IC like the famous BA662 VCA chip which controls decay and accent, but it has been cloned also.

Dinsync re303


OSCILLATOR  1VCO oscillator with 2 different shapes (sawtooth and square). Sound can be modified using 6 knobs:
- Tuning: changes the VCO oscillator pitch (range: +/-700 cents)
- Cutoff freq: amount of filtered VCF
- Resonance: amount of VCF resonance
- Env MOD: sets the amount of signal from the EG that reaches the VCF cutoff
- Decay: sets the decay time of the Envelope
- Accent: sets the amount of the EG that reaches the VCF resonance.

FILTER: famous resonant and screaming diode Ladder VCF at 4 poles

ENVELOPE decay and accent.

Sequencer and Memory

SEQUENCER like the old one,  notes are entered with the mini-keyboard, then each note can be set with lenght, portamento, slide and octave transpose (+/-1) . You can still use Midi anyway to trigger notes.
SYNC tempo from 40 to 300 BPM or sync to external analog DIN-SYNC or digital MIDI SYNC 

MEMORY  4 groups of 16 patterns


RE-303 Technical Data

RE-303 analog monophonic synthesiser  
Brand: DIY / Dynsinc
Waveforms: sawtooth, square
pattern memory : 4 groups of 16 patterns
Synthesis parameters: Tuning, Cut Off Frequency, Resonnance, Env Mod, Decay, Accent
Roland Din Sync 24
Midi interface: In/Out/Thru - 16 channels - full Midi synchro signal [in/out]
Flash memory pattern, random pattern generator, reverse pattern player
Price: depends , around 700€ for parts + assembling. Around 1200€ already built

Mono output in 6.3 mm jack
Headphone jack in 6.3 mm jack
Gate output in 3.5 mm jack
CV output in 3.5 mm jack
MIDI output (5-pin DIN)
MIDI input (5-pin DIN)
Switch for DIN sync (switch between input and output)
DIN sync socket (5-pin DIN)
Waveform switch (Square Wave and Sawtooth)
Mix input in 6.3 mm jack 

Dimensions: 300 x 55 x 146 mm (original case)
Weight / about 0,7 kg of course depends on case material


video demo

Do you use this machine ? do you like it?  Let us know in the comment field just below 


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