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Atari Punk Console



atari punk console


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APC Atari Punk console (1980)


Popular little DIY originally based on a single IC timer 555 the first project was found on a radio Shack book written by Forrest M. Mims III named the "Stepped Tone Generator"

NOTE: Although it is named "Atari" it has nothing directly related to the Atari 2600 or the TIA hardware.

logo punk


info DIY layout depends on what you want to build: plastic box, tin can, wood case or other recycled stuff... it is up to you!
Main panel features 8 knobs and 4 lever switches for sequencer, no display nor Midi fancy stuff, just a single switch that enable or disable the noises.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- mono output

ac Power supply just plug an external PSU or batteries.

edit VOICE this noisebox uses a dual 556 and it generates a single voice based on a pulse waveform with variable width. If you're into 8-bits stuff this will sound sweet to your ears!
SOUND the first 2 knobs on upper row controls the pitch and pulse width, while the third one changes the sequencer frequency.

timer 555

step sequencer


edit SEQUENCER is really simple and reminds some old-analog machines like Korg SQ-10.
The 4 levers activate or deactivate the relative note triggers and each pitch is changed using the four red knobs on lower row.


edit MODIFICATION well it is possible to add a lot of options like CV control, more sequencer steps, amazing and stupids cases like tuna cans or Ikea stuff... it mainly depends on your skills (and taste). Below you can find a gallery of the most surprising cases found on the web.

punk1 punk2 punk3 punk4 punk5 punk6




synthrotek modular

Synthrotek modular version with cv control VIDEO



edit PLUGIN VERSION if you're not into DIY jobs you can still have a taste of lo-fi square noise with this plugin created by TEKITAUDIO VST features:
- Highpass resonant filters
- Lowpass resonant filters
- LFO (syncable on BPM)
- Key tracking.
- Gate MOD with hold function
- Preset manager, rename, copy, save, load...
- Full MIDI automation support
I recorded some noises out of the plug, in the DEMO section, so you can make comparison.

atari punk console vst plugin

Atari Punk Console 8 step Sequencer


demo hardware demo 1
demo hardware demo 2
demo hardware demo 3
demo VST PLUGIN demo


effet Soundcloud ATARI PUNK CONSOLE

demo1 demo2 demo2



Atari Punk Console 8 step Sequencer Atari punk synth 1 Atari Punk Console with Mini-Sequencer/Arp
8 steps Sequencer Atari punk synth 1 with Mini-Sequencer/Arp

atari punk


step sequencer

motherboard logo circuit two models


-bleep bleep


-limited :)
-bleep bleep :)

Fo 8 bits geeks

REVIEW "cheap and fun to build! of course you to have to love those bleeps and other 8bits noises from the past."





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