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Asm Hydrasynth Desktop

Ashun Sound machine 8 voices polyphonic  (2019)

ASM Hydrasynth

"Desktop module version of the synthesizer hydrasynth with Advanced wavetable synthesis engine"


 The 3 oscillators allow you to choose from a selection of 219 single cycle waveforms.  Wavemorphing is a feature usually found on synths with preset wave tables.
Special oscillators 1 & 2 have a WAVELIST mode: t
his mode allows you to pick and choose 8 waves, from a bank of 219, arrange them in the order you want, and then morph from one to another. MUTATOR The Mutators allow you to modulatethe sound in several ways.:
-  FM-Linear - for making classic FM sounds. Choose multiple FM sources, including external inputs. 
-  Wavestack - creates 5 copies of the incoming sound and allows you to set a detune amount. 
-  Hard Sync - This gives you those classic hard sync sounds. 
-  Pulse Width - This will pulse width modulate ANY input sound.
-  PW - Squeeze - This is a different form of pulse width mod that creates a smoother sound.
-  PW-ASM - this mode divides the incoming wave into 8 slices and allows you to set how much pulse width mod will happen in each section
-  Harmonic Sweep - this will sweep the harmonics of the incoming sound.​


Filter /  LFO / Envelope

- Filter two filters that can be configured in series or parallel. The first filter has 11 different filter models, giving you multiple options for tailoring your sound. The second filter is a 12db per octave has a continuous sweep from Low pass to bandpass to high pass
 -LFO  delayed LFO which feature a STEP mode that allows you to create patterns with up to 8 steps +
 10 standard waveforms to choose from. Special fade in, 3 triggering modes, smoothing, start phase, one-shot mode so that they can act as envelopes and BPM sync. 
- Envelope  6 stage envelopes feature Delay, Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain and Release stages.  
The time settings for the stage can be set in seconds or in time divisions, giving you envelopes that play in sync 
EXTRA: 5 x128 patches memory, effects (delay and reverb), cv gate and midi connection, advanced arpeggiator.

module desktop

Hydrasynth  Technical Data

8 Voice Advanced Wavetable synthesis - 2 Wavemorphing Oscillators MODULE
  • 219 single cycle waveforms
  • User wavetables - 8 user selectable ‘wavelist’ per osc to build user wavetables
  • Every osc and patch can have its own user wavetable
  • WaveScan parameter for modulating through wavetables.
  • Keytracking – 0-200%
  • +/- 3 octave tuning range
1 fixed Wave OSC
  • 219 single cycle waveforms
  • +/- 3 octave tuning range
  • Keytracking – 0-200%
Dual Mutators per oscillator
  • FM – Linear FM
    • Selectable Modulator source
      • Built in Sine & Triangle, OSC1, OSC2, OSC3, Mutators A, B, C, D, Noise gen, Ring Mod, External Mod 1&2 input.
  • WaveStack – Generates 5 detuned waves from input source. Detune amount.
  • Pulse Width Mod – Adjust pulse width of ALL waveforms.
  • PWSqueeze – Compresses the center section of the waveform. Differnnt type of PWM
  • PW-ASM – 8 User adjustable wave squeeze/stretch points.
  • Hard Sync – gives that classic sync sweep sound.
    • Selectable Sync input source.
  • Harmonic Sweep – will scan through the harmonics of the incoming sound.
  • Dry/Wet mix to blend the original OSC source.
Noise Generator
  • White, Pink, Brown noise sources
Ring modulator
  • Selectable input sources
    • OSC1, OSC2, OSC3, Noise, All Mutator outputs, External Mod ½ in.
  • Depth control
Sound source mixer
  • Mix the following sources - OSC1, OSC2, OSC3, Noise, and Ring Mod.
  • Panning for each source
  • Filter routing mix
  • Solos for each source (solo status is saved in the patch)
Two Filters
  • Series or parallel routing
  • Filter 1
    • 12 & 24db modern ladder (compensated)
    • 12 & 24db vintage ladder (uncompensated)
    • Threeler HP, LP
    • MS20 HP, LP
    • Low Pass Gate
    • Vocal filter
      • Multiple vowel order parameter
      • Formant parameter
  • Filter 2
    • Continuously Variable Lowpass-Band pass-High pass (Oberheim SEM style)
Metal Chassis
  • Steel top and bottom
  • Aluminum side panels
  • CC control mode – modulation source
  • Theremin mode - triggers envelopes and plays pitch
    • Continuous pitch or choose from multiple scales
5 banks of 128 patch memories

CV gate input and oututs
  • Support multiple CV/GATE standards
    • CV
      • 1v per octave +/-5V
      • 1V per octave 0-10V
      • Hz to Volts +/-5V
      • Hz to Volts 0-10V
    • Gates
      • V-trig, S-trig
      • 3V, 5V, 10V
    • Mod In/Out range
      • +/5V, 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-1V
  • Clock in and out
    • 1PPS, 2PPQ, 24PPQ, 48 PPQ
    • Clock Voltage - 3v, 5V, 10V
  • Voice overflow mode for expanding voices with another Hydrasynth
Expression pedal input
Sustain pedal input
DC input jack
USB port

Dimensions (WxDxH): 44 x 22.3 x 7 cm / 17.32 x 8.78 x 2.76 inches
Weight: 3.6kg / 7.94 lbs


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Audio demo and video 

asm hyrasynth desktop asm hyrasynth desktop
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