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Amtron Electronic Leslie UK-264




Amtron electronic Leslie UK-264

audio demo Country: ITALY
Weight: n/a
Dimensions: n/a
audio demo trend price : 50€
schematic demo comments

Amtron Leslie (198X)


A kind of italian Leslie simulator sold in kit during first eighties.

main pot
input center leslie

info EFFECT main panel features 4 knobs.

Front panel terminal connectors:
- signal input
- signal out
- cancel pedalswitch input
- center pedalswitch input
- speed pedalswitch input


edit FOREWORD Amtron was a sublabel from GBC Gian Bruto Castelfranchi company.
GBC has been created in 1958 and it is still in business and their kits were often labeled high kit or Amtroncraft.


edit VOICE this machine has nothing to do with a true Leslie: no devices in rotation, It is an analog emulation and sounds like a phaser with of course no doppler effect.
Spotted a main quad operational amplifier LM3401N.



edit SOUND there are 4 knobs functions on the panel:
1- ACCENT is the leslie depth
2- CENTER changes the phase - this function is also accessible using a pedal.
3- SPAN limits the effect on a specific bandwidth frequency range of the incoming signal
4- SPEED determinates the fequency of the rotation- speed can be also changed using a pedal

main op



demo string1
demo string2


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guitar demo    




- Manual
- more demos




motherboard logo circuit two models



-hard to find




REVIEW " More like a kind of phaser- definitely not for Hammond -suits better on some analog synths for lush sweep effect"






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