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Yamaha QX-5FD

Digital recorder (1986)

Yamaha QX-5FD

"An updated version of classic QX5 including disk drive - a 8-channels Midi sequencer with different recording modes"

 Main Data 

QXFD5 made in Japan

Company: Yamaha
Model: QX5 FD
Class: Sequencer
Dates: 1986
Country: Japan
Weight: 2,9 Kg
Dimensions: 350 x 240 x 49 mm
Price: 70€

Display: 16 x2 LCD
Synthesis: none
Tracks: 8
Sync: Midi / FSK
Midi: IN / OUT / THRU
Storage: disk drive 720 kb DD
Memory: 20,000 notes 

Pretty simple interface with 16x2 LCD display. Front Panel Switches: Tempo , Measure , Track , Clock , Auto Locate, F1 (Job), F2, F3 F4 , Shift, Record, Stop/Continue and start

Back panel terminal connectors:
- Midi IN / OUT / TRHU
- Tape I/O
- Click out 



owner's manual download

No service manual, if you have it, please Contact us

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In details 

 QX5fd Recording music modes:

Sequencer can record MIDI data in 3 ways:

real time recording


Notes are directly recorded in the timing that you play them with variable quantisize mode.

Punch-in mode

Punch IN 

Same as realtime recording, but you can set the point at which recording  begins and ends.

Midi input

Midi Input

using a MIDI keyboard to enter notes and specify their timing and gate time using the QX5 panel switches.

QX5 tracks

Tracks record

Up to 8 tracks of MIDI data can be stored, edited, saved and loaded independently. Recording is always done on track 1. When you have finished recording a track, you can exchange track 1 with an empty track (2-8) and record again. Time signature is selectable, from 1/2 to 32/16, and can be changed during a track,

Channel information is recorded, and each track can contain independent MIDI data of up to 16 channels. Tracks can be joined, mixed, cut, deleted, exchanged, etc.


Classic edit functions like copy, paste, transpose, punch in, tempo change, quantisize. Also less common ones e.g sysex recording and in deep macro edit with aftertouch information, pitch-bend, control change (modulation wheel, breath controller, foot controller, portamento time, data entry slider, main volume, sustain, portamento mode),

QX5 edit screen

SYNC tempo can be slave-synched to either:
- external Midi clock
- obsolete FSK24 (tape frequency shift keying)

Yamaha QX5FD
Model 600

QX5 FD memory


20000 notes maximum

Disk drive

DD disk drive with 720 kb, files are not midi compatibile. 
File system is DOS compatible. Can be USB modded

Our Verdict 

" A bit complicated for today's standard. Can be found at really cheap price"





Quality / 



- cheap
- some advanced functions


- limited
- interface
- storage

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With Yamaha DX-100 & Yamaha Tx-81z  

QX5 front panel

yamaha QX5fd yamaha QX5fd
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