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Moog One

 Polyphonic, Tritimbral Analog  Synthesizer (2018) 


"After years of rumors and gossip, the American cult company from Asheville releases the ultimate Moog synthesizer - a tritimbral, polyphonic synth at very high price...maybe too high "

 Main Data 

Moog logo

Company: Moog 
Model: One
Dates: 2018
Class: Synthesizer Polyphonic, Tritimbral Analog 
Keyboard: 61 Full-size keys with velocity and aftertouch (model Fatar TP-8S)
Weight: 20,4 Kg 
Dimensions: 1070 x 510 x 108 mm

Display: color LCD
Synthesis: analog 
Polyphony: 8 o 16 voices versions (note: 8 voices cannot be upgraded to 16)
Oscilattors: 3 VCO + 2 noise generators
LFO: 4 modulators 
Filter: analog 2 models per voices
Envelope: 3 Egs per voice tuDAHDSR
Ring Modulator: yes
Effects: digital (from Eventide)
Arpeggiator: yes
Sequencer: yes 64 steps (x3)
Memory: 128 performances

KEYBOARD main panel features a color LCD  display, 73 knobs and 144 buttons.
CONTROLLERS  Pitch Wheel, Modulation Wheel and X/Y Pad with pressure-sensing and hold

Back panel terminal connectors:
- 2 main audio outs + 2 aux
- 4 signal inserts
- 2 Voltage Inputs CV
- 4 Voltages outputs CV
- 2 headphone outs
- Midi interface
- 1 audio input (line+xlr)
- 3 assignable pedals inputs
- Lan interface (no function yet)
- Usb interface (both Midi and upgrade OS)

Nothing... yet!

Have some sounds or demo  want to share? 

- No manual 
- No service manual

Scegli tra la vasta selezione di blocchi già pronti più recenti: intro a tutto schermo, caroselli immagini di bootstrap, Slider dei contenuti, galleria di immagini responsive con lightbox, parallax-scrolling, sfondi video, menu hamburger, intestazioni fisse e altro ancora.

 In details 


 OSCILLATOR each polyphony voices used special new designed Triangle Core OSCILLATORS VCOs.

The output of each oscillator can be a  mix of the selectable triangle / sawtooth wave, plus a variable-width pulse wave.

 The rise/fall time and symmetry of the triangle core wave and the reset phase of the sawtooth wave can be shaped (or modulate into the matrix).

3 VCO oscillators

- octaves: 32’, 16’, 8’, 4’, 2’ feet
- Beat Frequency at+/- 7Hz

Ring mod + sync

RING MODULATOR with 2 fixed routings:
-1>2    2>3

Special HARD sync (2 + 3 >1)

Dual Noise Generator

 -Red + Purple
-White + Purple
With own Envelope  AD/AR


the internal analog mixer allow to ajust gain of:
- OSC 1/2/3
- R ing modulator results
- Noise generator
- external audio source




2 independent resonant filters per voice that can be chained in serial or parallel mode:

 multimode" State Variable" 12dB/Oct (LPF HPF NOTCH)
- Classic Ladder filter at -24db/oct  but it can be set also at 1/2/3 poles.



 4 delayed LFOs twith Fade IN / OUT option,  syncable to Midi clock.

The Modulation Matrix allows to modulate quite anything with flexible source/destination matrix system on the LCD panel.



3  EGs  with Delay-Attack-Hold-Decay-Sustain-Release segment structure.
Special "Loop mode" to repeat any parts of the segments.

Moog One Performance

209 PCM

The machine is Tri-timbral and manages splits, stacks, effects amount. Special Macro modes allow to changes data on 1/2/3 parts at the same time.

41,7 kHz rate

Each part features also a programmable arpeggiator and a handy  64 steps sequencer.

16 bits resolution

Settable stealing/sharing / priority voice modes. Special massive stack of 48 voices in UNISON with detune amount.


Effects Details 

Each part can have a different setting from the Digital DSP,  a collaboration with historic Eventide society.Move on picture for more details:

Moog one


Dual mono sends with stereo return, or single stereo send with stereo return.
Some algorithms Chorus, delay, phaser, bit reduction, vocoder and famous Eventide Reverbs e.g  famous Black Hole, Shimmer and classic Plate /  Room / Hall  Reveberation. 

Moog one memory

Moog One internal Memory 

128 Performance Sets 

Each machine setup including "user space" can be saved including Midi settings, pedals assignment, Led display amount , CV routings and more.

Sound patches

- literaly thousands (?) of patch presets with internal browser with a special database options for quick and easy search.

Our Verdict 

"Hybrid digital machine with Boot sequence?  Reverb are not so great, good pads you can do with Omnisphere or a prophet. Bass and leads are great, in Moog standards. Really not impressed especially for the 8K price, even being a Moog fan since ages. " 





Quality / 



-  unjustified price
- reverb
- digital


-impressive specs / huge
- structure
-moog brand

Are you a Moog One  fan? how do you use it? You do not agree with our review?  Let us know in the comment field just below 



Audio and video demo

Moog One Moog One
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