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Digitech Ips 33B

Super Harmony Machine (1991)

Digitech Ips 33B


OVERVIEW Rackmount digital harmonizer pitch-shifter.  Front panel: LCD 2 x lines with backlight, two potentiometers are assigned to the input / output levels, the third is used for both data entry and of balance dry/wet amount. Inside, the 256 memory features 128 ROM locations+ 128 RAM. The rear panel has an asymmetric input socket s with switching - 20 dB / + 4 dB, an audio thru socket, two output sockets two inputs  for s control of the parameters from a CV volume pedal, a footswitch socket,  classic MIDI sockets, plus a connector for the remote control SR1 included (pic below).

SPEC  16 bits at 42.5 kHz digitech declares internal 24 bits processing.
Sampling range from 20 to 20,000 Hz, for a signal / noise ratio of 90 dB. 

Digitech Ips 33B

Harmonizer, chord and arpeggio

HARMONIZER  algorithm is able to transpose a range of ± 2 octaves, and on different intervals to the left and right, the IPS-33B offers five stereo harmonization modes including “chromatic” mode, “pitch shifter” or “scalic harmony” mode and  14 scales+  "custom harmony" mode will allow you to associate your own transposition intervals with each of the 12 half-tones of the scale.

CHORD & ARPEGGIO   the "chordal harmony" mode works according to a chord, to be defined by its fundamental and by its type (Major, minor, seventh, diminished). Each of the 12 semitones then generates intervals respecting the harmony of the chord in question, by placing them on either side of the note played. The "arpeggiator" features up to 16 notes (defined by intervals), characterized by a tempo, a number of notes per beat, and a number of repetitions. 

MODULATION modulation effect with LFO speed and waveform, pitch range, normal and inverted link between left and right chords, and the amplitude effect (LFO speed and action rate, same link options as before, but also with the modulation LFO).

Digitech Ips 33B

Digitech Ips 33B Technical Data

Resolution  16 bits linear PCM

SNR 90db nominal

Dry / wet freq resp 20 to 25 kHz +-3db

Sampling Rate: 42,5 kHz
Footswitch inputs: 1 x FS304 compatible
Hand Control input: 2 x Continuous
Display: control ( 10 kohm -
Dimensions: 250 kohm resistive
Weight: or OV - 5V control

Hand Control input: Compatible with

Digitech DSP 206 Hand

Display: 2 line x 16 character

backlit LCD

LED Headroom

ind icator

LED Preset indicator
Dimensions: 1.75"H x 14"W x 8.5"D
Weight: 6.5 lbs. Net 1,1 kg

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Audio demo and video 

Digitech Ips33B Digitech Ips33B
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