Dinsync RE-606 

TR606 replica (2020)

The Dinsync RE-606 UK clone (replica 1:1 as mentioned) of the  Roland TR-606 drum machine is now available in a DIY kit called the Roswell Bundle. 


OVERVIEW Well design depends on your case! anyway classic silver box is available (pic upper) very similar to original. Classic 5 sounds with roland sequencer. Some more functions thane the original machine can be added depending on your skills. 

- Roland TR606 the original cult
- DINSYNC RE303 another replica but for tb303 
- All tr606 clones! check our page of all clone available on the market!

Roswell kit includes:
RE-606 v1.3 main-board and switch-board PCB.
Sumida coil and adapter.
3pc set of power transistors.
8pc set of potentiometers (accent, bass, snare, toms, cymbal, hats, tempo and volume with switch)
2pc set of rotary switches (pattern/mode)
3pc set of 6.3mm jacks (mix in, headphone, main out)
2pc set of 3.5mm jacks (cv/gate)
1pc DC jack
1pc sync switch

SEQUENCER  is based on classic Roland step mode recording or realtime using the tap button. Default signature is set to 16 steps, but the scale selector can modify to wished value.

SYNC like the original, internal tempo set from 40 to 300 BPM or It is possible to slave the machine using the sync 24 

Dinsync RE-606  Specifications (for standard tr606 replica project)

Company: DINSYNC
Model: RE606
Class: Drum Machine DIY
Dates: 2020
Technology: analog
Percussions: 7
Sequencer: 7 songs
BPM range: 40 - 300
Patterns: 32 slots
Sync: DIN Sync 22 PPQ
LFO: none
Filter: none
CPU: D650C-128  or clone

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