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Aelita (Аэлита) 

Monophonic Soviet Synthesizer (1988) 


"From Murom plant behind iron curtain, a not so common synthesizer woth today about 800/900€"

Overview and synthesis

KEYBOARD monophonic synthesizer with 44 keys made in USSR in a design aluminum body with plastic faders and buttons.  

SOUND  3 oscillator voice with  separate controls for all oscillators in all section and special UNISON mode. Sound edit is organized into 4 basic synthesis sections, which are the following: TUNING, REGISTERS/TIMBRE (osc wave switch), UNISON/VOICE LEVEL, TIMBRES CONTROL (filter), and VOLUME CONTROL (amplifier) .  The REGISTERS/TIMBRES section contains the timbres range (octave registers) 2`, 4`, 8`, 16`, 32` buttons and the WAVEFORM SELECT buttons (square, triangle and sawtooth). 


Filter, EG and LFO

FILTER filter low pass resoant  with, 6 filter control sliders are situated, those are the following: FILTER CUTOFF (called RANGE), RESONANCE (SHARPNESS), MOD DEPTH, ATTACK, SUSTAIN/RELEASE, DECAY (called LEVEL).

ENVELOPE  the VOLUME CONTROL (VCA) section provides the following functions: ATTACK, SUSTAIN / RELEASE, DECAY ( the "LEVEL"), MAIN VOLUME LEVEL and controlled with the respective 

LFO The MODULATION/LFO FREQ (VIBRATO/TREMOL) features four LFO WAVEFORMS with adjustable depht There is a  MODULATION switch buttons for all oscillators (called VIBRATO 1/2/3) and the button Combined activation of the buttons MOD1*3and UNISON/STRINGS . The section UNISON/VOICE LEVEL contains three sliders 1/2/3/ and three buttons for controlling the volume level and for switching the oscillators ON and OFF.

RINGMOD MOD the 1*3 function activates the frequency modulation of the first voice with the third one


AELITA Technical Data

-Model : Aelita
-Year Released: 1988
-Producer: Murom plant
- Class: analog synthesizer
-keyboard    44 notes Non-weighted, Plastic F-C type
-Oscilllators: 3 VCO Waveforms: Pulse Variable, Saw Down, Square
-Osc Modulation: Keyboard, Knob, LFO, Oscillator, Ring Modulation
-Envelopes: 2 type ADR
-Filters: 1 -  12dB Slope (2-pole) resonant LPF
-LFO  1 modulator with shapes Saw Up, Saw Down, Square, Triangle

Sound range  in every voice    5 (32';16';8';4';2') + unison and string    4 (16';8';4';2')
Noise level, pause level - 55 dB  
Volume control range: 60 dB
Mains voltage   220V
Power consumption: 25W
Dimensions:    285 X 335X 900 mm
Weight:  15 KG


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 demo video 



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