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Access Virus A



Access virus A


audio demo trend price : 300€
manual factory patch demo video comments


The first of the famous VIRUS synthesizers family, started at the end of the nineties as Nord lead' s main competitor.

Virus line product is still produced with new versions featuring more powerful DSP processors like T1 and T2 models - but now A is considered now as a classic synthesizer.

full of knobs!

virus A technical info

info LAPTOP module with optional rackmount. Overall quality build is top-notch quality: solid metal frame and precise potentiometers with relative or absolute position mode. The main panel features a 2 * 16 lines LCD , 32 knobs + 27 buttons... seems a lot but they do not cover all the available parameters.
Back panel terminal connectors: triple stereo outputs (note: the first left output can be also used for headphones) a single stereo input for sound processing - 2 independent mono signals or a combination stereo signal with 36 dB gain - Midi IN and OUT that can be also switched to THRU mode.

acPower supply is external PSU - 12 VDC 1A + in center.

editVOICE physical-modeling DSP core generates 12 digital voices at 20 Bit resolution.
Each voice is composed by two oscillators + a sub-Oscillator (Square or Triangle) + a noise generator (128 colors variation).
The wave selector generates a waveform with three possible choices:
- Virtual Analog generated SINUSOIDAL
- Virtual Analog generated TRIANGLE
- 1 PCM out of the 64 ROM encoded precalculated digital spectral waveshapes like a Waldorf Microwave (but no Wavescan process).

wavetable OSCILLATOR synthesis management is a bit confusing at first glance: changing the waveshaper value progressively modifies the waveform toward SAW (at 12 o'clock pot) and again toward Square wave; when in PEAK (right-most position) value you are in full square wave, then the wave selector acts as rectangle Width.
Both oscillators have individual mixing Volume, tuning ringmodulation and sync option (OSC2 restarts its cycle each time) or even passed though FM process: OSC1 signal controls the OSC2 frequency.
adsr ENVELOPE two EG in total with same characteristics: FILTER and AMPLITUDE ADSR have a 4-stages ADSR + 2 times on Sustain segment.

filterFILTER double individual -12 dB filters with CUTOFF / RESONANCE and several combination paths:
- Serial -24/-36dB FILTER1 with 4-poles and FILTER2 with 2-poles.
- Parallel -24dB 2poles per filter.
- Split mode: Both filters are totally independent.
Each filter is multimode including Low Pass/ High Pass/ Band Pass / Band reject + a saturation stage called "SATURATOR" that emulates tube overdrive or distortion behaves.
A special KEYFOLLOW mode compensates filter cutoff toward higher (or lower) octaves.

lfo LFO up to three modulators with Delay engage and note retrig modulation.
LFO1 and LFO2 share the same five waveforms: Saw, Square, Triangle (with adjustable symmetry), Sample & Hold and Sample & glide.
- LFO1 modulates OSC1-OSC2 pitch, Pulse Width (on both OSC), Filter resonance and Filter GAIN.
- LFO2 basically is like LFO1 but different destinations: Osc1-2 wave Shape progression, Frequency modulation amount between OSC1-2, Filter 1 Cutoff, Filter2 cutoff and finally Pan.
- LFO3 is only accessible by display and modulates Osc1 - Osc2 pitch and pulse width..

playmodes PERFORMANCE four monophonic playmodes with Legato function (variable priority notes) plus a special TWIN double oscillators stack mode that thick the sound (but also halves polyphony) changing the detune values.

fx EFFECTS stereo digital DSP featuring Delay, Chorus, Flanger and Phaser with several restriction in Multimode-Performance.


midi MIDI full Control Change implementation, Exclusive systems and two free-assignable knobs to any Midi Control Change. Velocity values from keypress can be also routed toward various destinations like OSC 1-2 waveshape progression, Filter Cutoff, Resonance, Amplitude, Panning, PWM and FM amount .

memroy MEMORY holds 256 Single and 128 Multi programs.
Memory works with a lithium 3V battery with Holder, replacement is piece of cake.


cat and synth



Access Virus A sequensed original demo acid virus
Access Virus A sequensed original demo FUN :)









virua a lateral view back panel inside the virus


- Good sound
- lot of solid knobs
- Midi
-now cheap


- not so easy to understand
- polyphony




"Good sound , great wavetable and weird multimode filter""

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"Those massive analog beasts certainly had a stunning visual effect, especially on stage. However, we will guarantee that you will change your mind ..." VIRUS manual


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Access Virus A 4.5 out of 5 based on 28 ratings. price €300