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Roland XP-50




roland xp50 synth

audio demo Country: Japan
Weight: 9 kg
Dimensions: 1023 (w) x 384 (h) x 97 (d) mm
audio demo trend price : 200€
manual demo video comments

Roland XP-50 (1995)
Music Workstation


Workstation for mid-user range with internal sequencer and a GM General Midi soundset.

Relative rackmount version is the famous module JV-1080

music workstation
edit function

info KEYBOARD 61 velocity keys with aftertouch.
Main panel features a 40 x 2 lines display, 58 buttons and a data encoder wheel. On the left side there is a modulation-pitchbender joystick, 3 sliders for volume and expressions.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- Midi interface
- main signal out
- headphones out
- pedalswitch input for damper
- 2 assignable pedal inputs.



editTECH main core is a RISC 32 bits (Reduced Instruction Set Computer HD6477034F20C) manages 64 voices polyphony or TONES, DAC is a 16/18 bits UPD63200GS-E2

edit function

STRUCTURE a basic patch is composed by 4 tones or PCM samples with indipendent parameters:
- keyzone assignment
- pitch tuning
- panning position
- delay start time
- FXM oscillator (crossmodulation)


is a 8 Mb ROM (2x IC at 25 + 26) 448 PCM at 44,1 kHz / 16-bits waves

wavetable jv1080

The wave XP ROM is split into 2 main families:
- 193 PCM percussive and chromatic one-shot
- 255 PCM instruments

EXPANSION the XP-50 is expandable using SRJ-V board (usual size is 4 or 8 MB) fitted in 1 of the 4 available slots.
There are 21 SR-JV available with different instrument styles, here is the list:

SR-JV80-01 POP  
SR-JV80-03 PIANO  
SR-JV80-05 WORLD  
SR-JV80-06 DANCE  
SR-JV80-08 KEYBOARDS OF THE 60's & 70's  
SR-JV80-12 HIP HOP  
SR-JV80-14 ASIAN  
SR-JV80-15 SPECIAL FX Collection  
SR-JV80-17 COUNTRY Collection  
SR-JV80-18 LATIN Collection  
SR-JV80-19 HOUSE Collection  
SR-JV80-98 EXPERIENCE promotional board.
SR-JV80-99 EXPERIENCE2 promotional board.

structure ALGORITHMS
the tones can be combined in 10 structures partially inspired from classic synthesizer Roland D50.

wavetable jv1080 click on pic for structure list.

These are pre-fixed audio patch that connects the 2 pair of tones into variable setups mixed with audio elements such as amplifier / filter and 2 digital processes:
- Booster amplifies the signal causing a distortion with new harmonics 18 levels of effectiveness
- Ring modulator.

multitimbral PERFORMANCE the XP engine manages up 16 parts each with assignable:
- Midi channel assign
- zone assign
- stereo panning
- volume gain
- effect amount
- tuning pitch

roland xp50 tech

TIP: A special GM (General MIDI) bank reads SMF Midi ensuring a total compatibility.


filter FILTER
the TVF Time-Variant Filter offers 4 modes:
- lowpass
- bandpass
- highpass
- peaking: PKG emphasizes frequencies around the cutoff value.
In addition a filter keytrack function with +/- 200% harmonic content cutoff over octaves-

Eg LFO there are 2 delayed and syncalble modulators, they do provide 7 shapes (triangle, sinewave, sawtooth, trapezoidal, 2 random modes and sample-hold) with adjustable symmetry.


Eg ENVELOPE each TONE features 3 EGs:
- EG amplitude: 4 segments + 3 times, 8 velocity curves + key follows option
- EG filter : 4 segments + 4 times
- EG pitch 4 segments + 4 times, keyfollow + random pitch

FX EFFECTS the DSP is split in 3 sections:
- EFX: 40 inserts algorithms including distortion, overdrive, phaser, EQ, Leslie, tremolo, flanger, delay, and pitch-shifter.
- reverb: 7 classic algorithms (Hall, Room, delay, stage) with adjustable damp time
- chorus: digital chorus with variable rate, pre-delay, feedback and depth.


sequencer SEQUENCER quite similar to hardware MC-50 MkII, the xp50 manages up to 16 tracks at 96 clocks resolution per quarter note. Standard functions such as Overdub, Punch In-Out , Loop Parts, Quantizes and Copy-Paste.


TIP: Internal tool load function imports old format from MRC sequencers such as MC-500/ 300/ 50/ 50mkII and Midi files in format SMF 0 or 1.

memroy MEMORY:
- 640 ROM patches (including GS MIDI kit)
- 96 ROM performances
- 128 RAM performances
- 32 RAM performances
- 100 patterns
- 20.000 notes
- 99 measures

memroy STORAGE
whole data memory can be saved to built-in 3.5" Disk drive Teac FD-235HF to either 720 Kb or 1.44 Mb density

disk drive
TIP: It is also possible to store SONGS made by sequencer for a maximum of 99 Songs (or 180.000 notes) on a single 1.44 Mb.

MAINTENANCE there are 2 common issues:

- LCD is well-known to have some technical troubles as the display writings disappear from the display, and this problem just get worst after a while! generally the nearby capacitors could have leaked and need replacement. There is a TUTORIAL about this, but I did personally replaced capacitors and it worked.

display replacement


- BUTTONS another frequent issues are contacts on the mainboard, tact switches need to be replaced soon or later as they get hard to push.

tact switch repair


mrmory EDITORS some computer-based patch softwares:
- Soundquest
(MAC/PC $$)
- JV-1080 editor (MAX MSP beta)
- Changeit (old PC OS free)

xp50 editor




roland jv1080 JV-1080 is more or less the Xp-50 rackmount version
Roland XP-80 XP-80 flagship 76 keys- enhanced version with bigger display and better control functions
Roland XP-60

XP-60 same as xp80 but with 61 keys

Roland XP-30

XP-30 no more sequencer but 2 built-in srjv ROM

Roland XP-10 XP-10 older budget version, less features and 28 voices XP-50 kontakt



effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free and commercial samples set:

EFM Oddse

XP-50 kontakt

XP-50 kontakt

Should be a free release but I cannot figure this out. Surely NOT approved by Roland anyway, so it cannot be legally sold.


demo factory demo 1
demo factory demo 2
demo factory demo 3
demo factory demo 4
demo factory demo 5
demo factory demo 6
demo Full demo 1 *
demo Full demo 2 *
demo Full demo 3 *
demo Full demo 4 *
demo Full demo 5 *
demo Full demo 6 *
demo Organ: weird
demo Organ: Hammond
demo Guitar: acoustic
demo Guitar: ambient
demo EP: Rhodes 1
demo EP: Rhodes 2
demo EP: Rhodes 3
demo EP: Rhodes 4
demo synth: sample and hold
demo synth: distortion
demo synth: m1 lore
demo synth; nineties
demo synth: bassliner
demo synth: bassliner cutoff
demo synth: bassliner 303
demo synth: eighties
demo synth: bells
demo synth: magic choir
demo Bass: Moog D
demo pad 4
demo pad 5
demo pad 6
demo pad 3
demo pad 2
demo pad 1
demo pad 7
demo pad 8
demo FX

*kindly sent by Federico Pasiecznik

video have you some nice XP50 demos you want to share in this page? Upload'em!



Roland XP-50 - Sounds Xp50 demo Roland XP50 Sequencer tutorial
Sounds demo Sequencer tutorial

Company: Roland
Model: XP-50
Class: Synthesizer
Keyboard: 61 keys
Dates: 1995
Price: 200€
Synthesis: PCM rompler
Resolution: 16 bits
Sampling rate: 44 kHz
N.waves: 448 PCM
Polyphony: 64 voices
Multitimbric: 16 parts
Algorithms: 10 models
Filter: LPF HPF BPF Peak
LFO: 2 modulators
Envelope: 3 EGs
Effects: 48
Sequencer: 16 tracks
Resolution: 99 PPQ
Sync: Midi clock
Memory: 128 ram patches
Storage: FD 1,44 Mb
CPU: RISC 32 bits
DAC: UPD63200GS-E2
Demo: 34



wavetable jv1080

Free 1000 xp50 patches

Factory reset

2) Press #4 on the 10-key pad to select “SOUND.”
3) Press #5 on the 10-key pad to select “PRESET.”
4) Press ENTER, then use the VALUE DIAL to select “Memory Protect OFF.”
5) Press ENTER twice



Xp-50 testmode

Press the power on button while holding down the RPS button, M.SCOPE
button and RHYTHM buttons.
Keep on pressing these 3 buttons until the display in appears.
(approximately 10 seconds.)




Roland XP-50 FOR SALE
Roland XP-50 FOR SALE













sequencer lfo triangle xp50 main


solid solid
unreliable warning Classic Digital

REVIEW "it's another classic JV rompler workstation, not the best of the series. Pay attention to frequent issues."

manual manual
- pads - frequent issues
-disk drive storage
-sequencer some PCM are old

" The XP-50 Music Workstation sets the standard in synth workstations, featuring Roland's ultra-fast 32-bit custom RISC chip and incredible user-expandability". Roland Manual

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Roland XP-50 Roland XP-50 Workstation Synthesizer
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