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Siel Cruise




siel cruise
info Country: Italy
Weight: 9 Kg
Dimensions: n/a
audio demo trend price : 200€
manual service manual demo comments

Siel Cruise (1981)

Combo string processor with monophonic section based on DCO manufactured by Italian Società Industrie Elettroniche during mid eighties.

The monofonic section is PARTIALLY derived from previous MONO model, but CRUISE misses many of its original features.

logo cruise
Polyphonic Waveforms generator

info SYNTHESIZER 49 keys with no velocity.
Main panel features 44 levers and 6 buttons - on the left part a pitchbender joystick with a control slider for portamento level.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- main signal out
- monophonic section separate out
- polyphonic separate out
- 5 dins input for volume swell pedal
- sustain footswitch for piano part
- decay footswitch for polyphonic section
- master tune trimmer.




edit VOICE the Cruise keyboard sound generation is fully analog and split into 2 main sections:

Polyphonic Waveforms generator

A- monophonic

B- polyphonic

edit POLYPHONIC up to 49 voices polyphony based on PWG - Polyphonic Waveforms Generator - with 12 X TDA 1008 - 16 pins frequency dividers. The are 4 PWG presets families with minor edit parameters :

poly cruise
Family Instruments Controls
BRASS trombone and trumpet filter cutoff-resonance plus a 2-stages EG attack + crescendo.
STRING violin, cello and percussion EG control over attack and decay- this control is shared between reed and piano family
REED accordion, musette, church organ 1 EG control for attack segment
PIANO piano, clavinet, honkytonk variable decay

poly cruise

Basically the the oscillator DCO is pretty simple with just sawtooth / square shape + an octave setting at 4' 8' 16' 32. The monophonic section is partially derived from SIEL MONO Features same 10 presets sounds when set in edit mode (called mode "FREE") it is possible to access direct DCO edit.



Preset list: basso tuba, piccolo, trombone, sax, trumpet, flute, violin, guitar, bass and clarinet



edit CHIP Main monophonic sound generation is based on DIP-40 M110B1 SGS-Ates like Jen Sx1000, Crumar composer and many FARFISAs from the era like Doria, FK-50, Louvre, Pergamon, Scala... )

M110B1 sgs

a single EG type 4 segments ADSR (only for mono section).
Controls for split zone fixed to middle keyboard.


filter FILTER
section is slimmed-down from original MONO synthesizer: VCF is no more multimode but only lowpass controlled by 2 sliders for cutoff and resonance up to self-oscillation.
The KTF is a simple key tracker for more brilliance on higher octaves.

lfo LFO
a single triangular modulator with variable rate /depth and 2 destinations:



- LFO to DCO Pitch

- LFO to VCF filter

a single effect ANIMATION based on TDA 1022 - according to the original advertising this effect was aimed to recreate acoustic reverberation of a hall concert type, but it sounds more like an analog chorus.

repair synthex MAINTENANCE
polyphonic section seems to be very similar to Siel Orchestra II circuits and it is pretty fragile.

siel cruise internal

repair synthexSiel Cruise internal

- click to enlarge pic -



siel mono

MONO the Cruise implement the monophonic section from this model but with less features than the original.
SEQUENTIAL CIRCUIT FUGUE: SEQUENTIAL CIRCUIT FUGUE: American company Sequential Circuits bought some licenses and re-branded as FUGUE, more dark cosmetic re-look essentially with same technical characteristics VIDEO



effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free and commercial samples set.



NOT official !


DSK Mini DrumZ 2



siel mono brochure siel mono brochure
magazine siel cruise custom



siel cruise custom cruise preview cruise preview  
singing frog preset :) warranty dope art  



Company: SIEL
Model: Cruise
Class: synthesizer
keyboard: 49 keys
Dates: 1981
Display: none
Synthesis: subtractive
Technology: analog PWG
Polyphony: 1 (mono)+ 49 (poly)
Envelope: 1 EG ADSR
Filter: lowpass
LFO: 1
Effect: analog chorus
Memory: 10 presets
Polyphonic Gen: TDA 1008
Monophonic Gen: M110B1



demo SuperMix "rhumba": Siel Cruise + drum machine Korg minipops Mp7
demo SuperMIX: Siel Cruise + drum machine Oberheim DX
demo various sounds demo kindly provided by Sandro Codazzi

demohave some CRUISE



- More demo
- free sample set

adsrDid you know?

siel sound buggy
SIEL made a synth interface for Commodore 64called the Siel Buggy ?



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SIEL CRUISE for sale

sile cruise for sale




Societa Industrie Elettroniche - Societa Industrie Elettroniche -
cheap as hell!
cheap as hell!
Vintage ugly design Unreliable master


REVIEW "Rather basic - but for sure it has a vintage soul and raw sound- pay attention to issues and special IC. "

manual manual
- analog - limited edit
  -slimmed mono section


"With this keyboard SIEL means to give the professional pianist and the amateur player a monophonic and polyphonic synthesizer extremely simple to operate." Cruise Manual


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Siel Cruise Siel Cruise
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