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Emu Proformance 1+



emu proformance

audio demo trend price : 30€
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Emu Proformance 1+ (1990)


Budget Midi expander focused on Piano and Rhodes sounds.

"PLUS " VERSION is an updated version with a double ROM soundset.

piano module

technical data

info RACK half unit all made of plastic, quite easy to carry around. This expander is really basic and has no display, and all parameters can be set directly from 5 knobs on the frontal panel. Back panel has just a few connections: MIDI interface and Stereo outputs.

ac Power supply is an external PSU AC-AC and not more common AC/DC.

edit VOICE The internal voice generator manages up to 32 digital voices polyphony at the same time. the hardware is basically a slimmed-down E-mu Proteus generator with just a few edit facilities knobs:- Volume output, Fine master tuning, Transpose note (± 1 or 2 octaves), Midi Channel select (1-16 or OMNI) and Patch select technical data
edit WAVETABLE based on a non-expandable 2Mb ROM (double if "plus" option is fitted ) samples coded at 39 Hz at 16 bits resolution. Today this unit may sounds primitive and plastic-sound but some patches are still quite enjoyable! of course it is absolutely no match for modern piano VST plugins: consider that 2 mega Vs. 2 giga it is NOT fair.ect technical data

memroy MEMORY holds up to 15 presets ROM + 16 in PLUS option no RAM and NO storage. It cannot save any sounds... but you cannot edit them neither.

midi MIDI basic with MIDI Control change: Pitch bender, Modulation, Sustain, Sostenuto (CC#66) Soft (CC#67) and User split Point only (only on "Plus").

midi PERFORMANCES features three different playmodes: Polyphonic, Mono and Multitimbral.

midi Sound list

Proformance "standard"

* Dark Grand
* Classic Grand
* Mellow Ivory
* Rock Piano
* Honky Tonk
* Mellow Chorus
* Modern Rock
* Dark Touch
* Rock Touch
* Mellow Touch
* Classic Touch
* Melllow Patterns
* Rock Patterns
* Dark Patterns
* Classic Patterns


" PLUS "extra sounds

* Warm Electric Piano
* Studio Electric Piano
* Electric Organ
* Rock Organ
* Straight Vibes
* Bright Vibes
* Acoustic Bass/Piano
* Electric Bass/Organ
* Synth Tines
* Piano Bell
* Acou Bass/Electric Piano
* Acoustic Bass/Vibes
* Electric Bass/Piano
* Acoustic Bass/Organ
* Elec. Bass/Elec.Piano
* Very Bright Piano
* Ice Keys

audio demo sounds

audio demo sounds



proformance demo original music with proformance
proformance demo original music with proformance


side view



emu america analog and midi I/O few knobs


- low price
- easy to carry


- outdated sounds
- no edit


"little box for little budget. Old technology and no edit! if you enjoy those kind of nineties compressed piano... and it does not sound so bad!"

analog and midi I/O


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emu proformance 3 out of 5 based on 17 ratings. price €30