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Emu Proformance 1



emu proformance

audio demo trend price : 30€
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Emu Proformance 1+ (1990)


Budget Midi expander focused on Piano and Rhodes sounds.

"PLUS " VERSION is an updated version with a double ROM soundset.

piano module

technical data

info RACK half unit all made of plastic, quite easy to carry around.
This expander is really basic and has no display: all parameters can be set directly from 5 knobs on the frontal panel.
Back panel has just a few connections: MIDI interface and Stereo outputs.

ac Power supply is an external PSU AC-AC and not common AC/DC.

edit VOICE The internal voice generator manages up to 32 digital voices polyphony.
The hardware is basically a slimmed-down E-mu Proteus generator with just a few edit facilities knobs: volume output, fine master tuning, transpose note (± 1 or 2 octaves), Midi channel select (1-16 or OMNI) and Patch select
technical data
edit WAVETABLE a non-expandable 2 Mb ROM (double if "plus" option is fitted ) samples coded at 39 Hz at 16 bits resolution.
Today this unit may sounds primitive and plastic-sound but some patches are still quite enjoyable! of course it is absolutely no match for modern piano VST plugins, just consider that 2 mega Vs. 2 giga it is NOT that fair.
technical data

memroy MEMORY holds up to 15 presets ROM + 16 in PLUS option no RAM and NO storage.
Proformance cannot save any sounds... but you cannot edit them neither.

midi MIDI basic with MIDI Control change: Pitch bender, Modulation, Sustain, Sostenuto (CC#66) Soft (CC#67) and user split Point only (only on "Plus").

midi PERFORMANCES features three different playmodes: polyphonic, mono and multitimbral.

midi Sound list

Proformance "standard"

* Dark Grand
* Classic Grand
* Mellow Ivory
* Rock Piano
* Honky Tonk
* Mellow Chorus
* Modern Rock
* Dark Touch
* Rock Touch
* Mellow Touch
* Classic Touch
* Melllow Patterns
* Rock Patterns
* Dark Patterns
* Classic Patterns


" PLUS "extra sounds

* Warm Electric Piano
* Studio Electric Piano
* Electric Organ
* Rock Organ
* Straight Vibes
* Bright Vibes
* Acoustic Bass/Piano
* Electric Bass/Organ
* Synth Tines
* Piano Bell
* Acou Bass/Electric Piano
* Acoustic Bass/Vibes
* Electric Bass/Piano
* Acoustic Bass/Organ
* Elec. Bass/Elec.Piano
* Very Bright Piano
* Ice Keys

audio demo sounds

audio demo sounds



proformance demo original music with proformance
proformance demo proformance original music


side view



emu america analog and midi I/O few knobs


- low price
- easy to carry


- outdated sounds
- no edit



"little box for little budget. Old technology and no edit! if you enjoy those kind of nineties piano... and it does not sound so bad!"

analog and midi I/O


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emu proformance 3 out of 5 based on 17 ratings. price €30