Roland TR-06

Drumatix Boutique (2020)

Roland own-digital clone of classic 1981 Roland TR606 drum machine with some new features. Fun enough, it has been released at the same time of the RD6 from the king of clone behringer.


OVERVIEW classic silver color adding a simple display -  it does not look really like the original, but it matches previous Roland TB-03 also with classic  dock DK-01 (Tilting to 45 degrees ) and (unfortunately) built-in mono speaker. TR-06 can be operated with batteries (Four AA batteries included) or use with classic USB.

- Roland TR606 the original cult
- All tr606 clones! check our page of all clone available on the market!

Terminal Connectors:
- 5 Trigger outputs and 1 trigger input: 3.5 mm jack
- Headphone output: 3.5 mm stereo jack
- Line output: 3.5 mm stereo jack
- Mix input: 3.5 mm stereo jack
- MIDI In / Out
- USB Micro-B port (audio, MIDI and power supply) 
NOTE: No more DIN TR sync


SOUND digital based on ACB modelling technology , a marketing thing that tells you each sound a modeling individual circuit elements and their real physical electronic properties, tolerances and errors. Sounds are kick, snare, two toms, a cymbal and the combined hi-hat (open close).
Unlike the original Mono out TR,  TR-06 features full stereo output via mini-jack, so it is possible to Panpot the sounds. Another huge improvement (maybe the best) now the instruments can be edited (well, partially!) with global parameters: Gain , pitch Tune and a compressor.
Other specific parameters are:
- Kick (decay and attack)
- Snare  (snappy)
- hi / low tom (color mixes more or less noise plus a special synth simmons like variation)

EFFECTS gain effects like Saturation, Bitcrusher, Distortion and a low / high pass filter combo.
The internal digital delay has different modes: digital delay, panning delay, tape echo, reverb, flanger and side-band filter with sync to clock.

SEQUENCER Basically like the original 16 step buttons programming with some new functions: ratchets,  Flam, and shuffle. Another interesting new feature is step probability.
Sound can be controlled by Midi with 10 levels of velocity control 
HINT TR-06 also has a random pattern function (like the "old battery removed")

SYNC classic midi sync, of course you can use Trigger outs for more modular trick sync.

Memory & software

MEMORY 32 steps per pattern  128-pattern memory/8 tracks (songs) held in memory

SOFTWARE for Windows and macOS , the software adds it ten individual virtual outputs and one stereo input... all organized in a messy way

Roland cloud editor

Roland TR-06 Specifications

Year: 2020
Country: Japan
Brand: roland
Model: tr-06
    4-Digit LED display
    Built-in mini speaker
    With colour-matched DK-01 boutique dock - adjustable at 3 angles 
    Instruments: Bass drum, snare drum, low tom, hi tom, cymbal, open & closed hi hat
    Volume controls for instruments and accent track
    Tuning, decay and panorama can be set for each instrument

    Effects: Compressor, Delay (Delay, Pan Delay, Tape Echo, Reverb, Flanger, Side Band Filter), Drive (Saturation, Bit Crusher, Distortion, LPF / HPF)
 Step sequencer with a maximum of 32 steps per pattern
    Extended sequencer functions: Step Loop, Substep, Flam, Fill-In, Probability, Substep Probability, Master Probability
  Memory for 128 patterns and 8 songs

    Power supply via 4 AA batteries (included) or USB power
    Dimensions (W x D x H): 308 x 130 x 52 mm
    Weight (including batteries and boutique dock): 1.2 kg

PRICE: 350€

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