YAMAHA VSS-30 (1987)


Trend price : 150€

Cult toy keyboard with raw 8 bits sampling plus interesing edit functions.

Company: Yamaha Corp.
Model: VSS-30
Class: Toy sampler
keyboard: 32 keys
Dates: 1987
Speaker: 8 cm
Amplifier: 1,5 W RMS
Weight: 1 Kg
Dimensions: 467 x 180.4 x 57,4 mm

Price: 100€
Synthesis: sampler
Resolution: 8 bits
Polyphony: 4 notes
Presets: 11 sounds
Memory: 3,5 s sampling
Frequency: 16 / 9 kHz
Sequencer: 500 notes
LFO: 1 modulator
Envelope: 1 EG
Main IC: YM2416
Filter: none
Demo: 1
Video: 1
Review: 1

DOWNLOAD: user manual - service manual


portable 32 minikeys with internal speaker.
The panel features 42 buttons, a slider for volume, a built-in microphone for recording.
Rear pannel terminal connectors:
- main output
- sample input

Voice Synthesis
VSS system handles sampling process and some presets on the wavetable.

11 preset sounds with no edit but they can be arpeggiated or processed by effects

Sampling and Memory
process is at 8 bits resolution mono channel with 2 rates:
- 16 kHz for 1.8 sec. time
- 09 kHz for 3.5 sec. time

Sample functions
- loop
- reverse
- u turn: alternates forward / backward play
- overwrite: sound on sound
- voice editor: special function detailed below

Voice editor effects
includes 4 different sound functions:
- Echo (EG delay)
- Fuzz
- Frequency modulation (LFO pitch)
- Amplitude modulation (LFO amplitude)

1 EG which features 4 segments control for sample amplitude.

500 notes recorded in real-time (also chords) at 1/48 resolution.

Audio demo:

Video demo:

video clip


OK: lofi / effects / cult
NOT : hard to find
"Even more fun than SK from CASIO: just sample anything on the fly and mangle it! Totally raw sample with many artefacts which is very interesting if you like electro textures"



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