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Cyclone Analogic TT78

Beat bot (2017) 

Analog clone of the famous Roland CR78 with new features and Midi Control


OVERVIEW Portable machine, too bad the design is like a tuna can, far from wood finish of the original! anyway, let's move on: main panel features no display, 10 knobs, 2 rotary selector, 26 Illuminated buttons: 16 pads for sequencer + tap button + 7 others.

- Roland Cr78 the original iconic one
- Cyclone Analogic TT606 from same producer, same case, dedicated to another iconic machine: the Roland TR606 

Terminal connectors:
- Power (9VDC, 300mA) | MIDI In Negative Tip Barrel
- Main out Mix (1/4" mono, +15dBu)
-Bass Drum (1/8" mono)
-Snare Drum (1/8" mono) 
-Bongos + Congas (1/8" mono) 
-Clave + Cowbell (1/8" mono) 
-Cymbal + Hi-hat + Metal Beat (1/8" mono) 
-Maracas (1/8" mono) 
-Tambourine + Guiro (1/8" mono)
-MIDI  IN  / Out  (output switchable to act as Thru port if required)
Strange enough, there's no USB ports.


OSCILLATORS SMD circuits, machine generatores  nine voices of sounds that can be mixed with seperate volume control 

SOUNDS:  Voiceboard generates same TR606  and adds Rimshot  + Hand Clap.
 The TONE can adjusts the some typical sound parameters, they cannot be changed:
- Bass Drum (BD)Tuning
- Snare Drum (SD)Snare snap
- Low Bongo (LB) / Low Conga (LC)Tuning
- High Bongo (HB) /High Conga (HC)Tuning
- Clave (CL)Tuning
- Cowbell (CB)Tuning
- Cymbal (CY)Level of Metal Beat sound when Cymbal is played
- Hi-hat (HH)Level of Metal Beat sound when Hi-hat is played
- Maracas (MA)Decay Time
- Guiro (GU)Pitch
- Tambourine (TB)Decay Time

SEQUENCER is based on classic Roland step mode recording or realtime using the tap button. The tt-78 adds swings, flame and roll. Special Nuance Auto-Variation, which adds a kind of humanize for a less static drum play.

Sync, memory

SYNC internal tempo or It is possible to slave the machine  to a MIDI clock received from an external MIDI source. It will respond to external start commands, stop commands, continue messages, and clock information.  No roland Dynsync, analog clock IN---  too bad.

MEMORY - User Patterns: 64 | User Tracks: 9 | User Drum Kits: 32 | User Clips: 16 per instrument

now sounds can be triggered from external sequencer with many Control change to control sounds parameters 

Cyclone Analogic TT-78 Specifications

Company: Cyclone Analogic
Model: TT-78
Class: Drum Machine
Dates: 2019
Price: 300€
Technology: analog SMD

-Bass Drum
-Snare Drum
-Low Conga / Low Bongo
-High Conga / High Bongo
-Clave / Cowbell
-Cymbal + Metal Beat
-Hi-hat + Metal Beat
-Tambourine / Guiro
Instrument- and submix level controls

64 User patterns with max. 64 steps
9 User tracks
32 User drum kits
16 User clips per instrument
Per instrument, per step modifiers: Accent, Flam, Roll
Programmable fill variations for each pattern
Time scales: 16th note, 32nd note, 8th note triplet, 16th note triplet
Assignable LED pattern colour
Pattern copy / paste function
Maximum programming length: 240 bars
Per bar fill variation option
26 Illuminated buttons
Tap Tempo input

Main mix: 6.3 mm Mono (+ 15 dBu)
Headphones: 6.3 mm Stereo (+10 dBu)
Outputs: 3.5 mm
MIDI In, Out, and Thru

Power (9 V DC, 300 mA)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 310 x 130 x 35 mm 
Weight: 783 g is not affiliated with Cyclone Analogic nor Roland in any manner

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