Yamaha Qx1

Digital Sequence Recorder (1984)  

Cult midi recorder from mid eighties, designed for big expander TX816


OVERVIEW right after the midi standard (and first Midi sequencer from roland MSQ-700), the giant Japanese yamaha developed tthis big sequencer with a very unique design.  It features 53 keys keyboard type computer, an LCD display (matrix: 40 x 2), 34 LED and a rotary tempo. 

 -Yamaha QX3
- Yamaha QX5
- Yamaha QX17
- Yamaha QX21

Terminal connectors:
- 8 midi outs
- 1 midi IN
- 1 midi THRU
- Footswitch control
- clock out 

in Use

DRIVE   five inch quarted old DS/DD floppy format of 360kb (like commodore 64) that can be replaced now with modern gotek USB.  It contain about 80,000 notes

SEQUENCER  advanced (for the time) 8 tracks with 16 MIDI channels midi-out. Tracks can be mixed (unlimited overdubbing) and assigned to 8 outputs you can also send four tracks per release. The 32 banks can be chained at will (repeat, cut, pasted, transposed, modified tempo ...), each bank can contain 999 measures and be attached to the other as a chain of 32 steps.

RECORD  The recording is done in real time or by step-by-step and can be corrected later with basic functions (insert, copy, merge, quantize). Qx1 includes a quantize function of time defines a number of clocks (from 1 to 999).

SYNC Tape or more actual MIDI clock


tact switch needs cleaning, also dim display (now some VFD are available) and of course head cleaning of disk drive or replace with modern usb.

YAMAHA QX1 Specifications

Model: qx1
Brand: yamaha
Year: 1984
Country: Japan
Display: lcd

Memory capacity
Internal: 512kb ~ 80,000 notes
32 banks
8 chains
Disk drives  5.25 inches floppy disk drive 
Connection terminals and interfaces
Click OUT
Foot switch
Tape sync IN, Tape sync OUT

Dimensions and weight
519w x 105h x 329d (mm)

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