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Roland CR-5000




roland cr5000

audio demo Country: JAPAN
Weight: 3,8 Kg
Dimensions: 331 x 278 x 108 mm
audio demo trend price : 250€
manual demo video sample comments

Roland CR-5000
Compurhythm (1981)

Analog drum machine from compurhythm series based on preset rhythm patterns.

A scaled-down CR-8000 produced in the same year missing tempo sync, display and less sounds


info DRUM MACHINE The main panel features 9 knobs, 22 buttons and a single rotary encoder.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- mono signal out
- trigger out (outputs pulses at +5V)
- tab switch for time divider 8" 16" accent trig
- footswitch input: REGISTER alternates 2 patterns
- footswitch input: INTRO/FILL
- footswitch input: restarts the patterns even if not finished
- footswitch input: START/STOP.


info SOUND cpu PD NEC 8049C CR manages 5 channels polyphony with individual mixing level.
There are 9 generated analog percussions, some are channel-shared:

Percussion name: channel n:
kick 1
snare 2
toms 2
rimshot 2
conga 3
claves 4
cowbell 4
cymbal 5
hihats 5

main percussion



info EDIT INTERFACE quite simple and straightforward: select a rhythm, set tempo and press START.

cr5000 tech



info PATTERNS up to 24 preset patterns with some very mininal variation using the ARRANGER functions.

waltz disco swing 1-2 foxtrot
tango samba 1-2 tango mambo
habanera cha cha enka rhumba
bad 4 beguine rock (x6) bossanova


some variation functions into the arranger section:
- CRASH adds or removes a crash cymbal sound to the first pattern beat
- CONGA adds a pattern of electro congas
- SHUFFLE adds a swing effect, less quantised, this does not work on SWING / WALTZ
- CY4' CY8' HH16' HH4' OH : 4 beat Cymbal / 8 beat Cymbal / 16 beat HH / 4 beat HH / 4 beat afterbeat open HH
- REGISTER alternates 2 preset patterns, select the first one then REGISTER and then the second one
- FILL IN insert a fill-intro pattern every 16/ 12 /8 /4 /2 (or MANUAL) choosing from the knob selector.

main percussion


info MODS & MAINTENANCE common issues are the worn-off push buttons that often needs to be replaced. however it is possible to clean them, but extreme care is needed to disassemble the tact switch - NOT an easy task.

There are many hardware modification of the beatbox around the net. Most common is Trigger point for external control (you can listen to some audio into the DEMO section below).

cr 5000 internal board




roland cr8000

CR-8000: enhanced version with more rhythms, editor, display and sync.

roalnd cr78

CR-78 father of the CR-5000

TR-808 iconic drum machine son of the Compurhyhms series.


effet VST PLUGIN & SAMPLED CR-5000 / 8000 there are some free and commercial samples set:

  name price demo
sampleset 2



FREE sample pack

(subscription needed for hellosample)

dr55 free samples rekkerd commercial N/A




demo internal patterns demo
demo modded machine with trigger


Roland CR-5000 CompuRhythm Roland CR-5000, Roland SH-2 modded "blu plexiglas"
CompuRhythm with Roland SH-2 modded "blu plexiglas"


roland cr5000



cr5000 samples set

FREE 16 bits WAV sampleset


banner cr5000

original scan
info original brochure


original scan
info original brochure





banner cr5000





true analog circuits CMOS CPU


-oldschool sound
-alternative to tr808


- not programmable
- no external sync
- switch buttons


REVIEW "Cheap alternative to Cr-8000 at a fraction of the price!Do not expect a tr808, but something more delicate especially nice for electro-ambient music."




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