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Roland CR-8000



roland cr8000

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Roland CR-8000 (1980)

Programmable drum machine with analog sounds, the Cr8000 is considered as the missing link between Roland CR-78 and TR-808 drum machines.



info DRUM MACHINE (weight: 3.8 Kg / dimension: 331 x 278 108 mm).
Main panel features a display, a data encoder, 11 knobs and 32 buttons.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- mono audio signal out
- Dinsync I/O at 24 PPQ
- trigger out (it outputs pulses at +5V)
- tab switch for time divider 8" 16" accent trig
- footswitch input: REGISTER alternates 2 patterns
- footswitch input: INTRO/FILL
- footswitch input: restarts the patterns even if not finished (for odd rhythm)
- footswitch input: START/STOP.


info SOUND  main core CPU NEC D8049C232 manages 6 channels polyphony with mixing levels.
There are 11 analog percussions some are channel-shared:


Percussion name: Channel number: Shared:
kick 1 no
snare 2 yes
toms 2 yes
rimshot 2 yes
conga 3 no
claves 4 yes
cowbell 4 yes
cymbal 5 yes
hihats 5 yes
claps 8 no

main percussion



infoBEAT the drum machine operates in 2 main modes:
A- sequencer with simple step data input
B- arranger preset patterns.


info A) SEQUENCER select one a pattern slots then time signature, relative number of steps then choose an instruments with the rotary pots, finally start step entry with note ON or PAUSE.


info B) ARRANGER there are 24 preset rhythms and 8 fills you cannot modify but to some limited parameters variations :
- CRASH adds a crash cymbal sound to the first pattern beat
- CONGA / CLAPS adds a pattern of conga or claps
- SHUFFLE adds a swing quantisation (not works for SWING or WALTZ patterns)
- CY4' CY8' HH16' HH4' OH respectively 4 beat Cymbal, 8 beat Cymbal, 16 beat Hi-Hat, 4 beat HiHats and a 4 beat afterbeat open Hi-Hat.
- REGISTER alternates 2 patterns
- FILL IN insert a FILL-Intro pattern every 16/ 12 /8 /4 /2 choosing from the dedicated knob selector.

Preset rhythm list:

waltz disco swing 1-2 foxtrot
tango samba 1-2 tango mambo
habanera cha cha enka rhumba
bad 4 beguine rock1-2-3-4-5-6 bossanova



infoSYNC the machine can be hooked to any compliant drum machines or synth arpegggiators using classic Sync24 Roland protocol which is smooth and precise.

info MEMORY:
- 8 free pattern slots
Storage for programmed rhythm patterns are provided by backup batteries (3 x 1.5 V dry cells).

cr8000 internal motherboard

info MAINTENANCE / CUSTOM MODS: classic contact issue with buttons, it is possible to clean them, but extreme care it is needed to disassemble the tact switches - follow this pretty handy guide at GUMIELECTRONICS for this purpose.
The CR-8000 sounds good but it does not offer much sound edit, for this reason there are many custom modification around the world. Just have a peek to this gallery:

roland cr8000 custom roland cr8000 custom roland cr8000 custom
Blue case Modded with TR-707 sync mod



roland cr5000

ROLAND CR-5000 scaled-down version produced in the same year, lacking sync, digit display and some sounds including clap.


ROLAND CR-78: father of the CR-8000


ROLAND TR-808 son of the Compurhyhms, maybe the most famous of the bunch.



effet VST PLUGIN & SAMPLED CR-5000/8000 there are some free and commercial samples set:

  name price link demo
sampleset 2 hellosamples FREE
(subscription needed)
effet N/A
sample free downalod CREATE MUSIC NET FREE effet N/A
dubsound dubsound commercial effet N/A
CR8000 VST rekkerd commercial effet N/A



demo pattern demo 1
demo pattern demo 2

effet Soundcloud CR-8000

track1 track2  


demo1 Roland SH-101 + CR-8000 + TR-606 Roland CR 8000 with mods
Demo Roland SH-101 + TR-606 mods

cr8000 space picture






roland cr8000 advertising



cr8000 brochure scan




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Roland CR8000 for sale

Roland R8000 for sale


open cr8000 motherboard NEC CPU


- a near tr808!
- a near cr78!

-sync options


- edit
- no multi out
-buttons reliability


REVIEW "A near-classic! sound is vintage enough, no too punchy... but classy. Edit requires a bit of patience."

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