Siel mono

Monophonic Synthesizer (1981)

Vintage Monophonic synthesizer from Italy featuring 10 presets and a limited edit mode. The successive SIEL CRUISE implemented a polyphonic section


OVERVIEW synthesizer 37 keys, no velocity.   Main panel features 32 levers, 2 buttons and 22 diodes leds ,  on left side there is a horizontal pitchbender joystick and a slider for portamento level. 
Terminal connectors:
- audio output with high low impedance
- volume swell pedal input with din connector


OSCILLATORS Subtractive synthesis generates 1 voice of polyphony. The SIEL voice is composed by 1 digital oscillator DCO  bbased on M110B1 SGS IC + 1 pink noise circuit . When set in edit mode (the "FREE") it is possible to edit a few DCO parameters.
- 2 Waveforms :saw / square   octaves 4' 8' 16' 32' 

M110B1 SGS IC custom IC

MEMORY Preset list: basso tuba, piccolo, trombone, sax, trumpet, flute, violin, guitar, bass and clarinet.

EFFECT a single fx is onboard ANIMATION which is an analog chorus based on TDA 1022.

FILTER: Resonant VCF is multimode (better than Cruise)
- lowpass
- highpass
- bandpass


LFO  1 delayed triangle modulator with adjustable depth parameter and 1 of the 2 destinations:
- DCO pitch 
- VCF cutoff.

ENVELOPE   a single EG type 4 segments ADSR. 

Siel Mono  Specifications

Company: SIEL
Model: Mono
Class: synthesizer
Country: Italy
Weight: 7 Kg
Dimensions: n/a
keyboard: 37 keys
Dates: 1981
Price: 300€ trend up
Display: none
Synthesis: subtractive
Technology: analog
Polyphony: 1 (mono)
Envelope: 1 EG ADSR
Filter: Band Pass, High Pass, Low Pass, Resonance
LFO: 1 modulator
Effect: analog chorus
Memory: 10 presets
Polyphonic Gen: TDA 1022
Monophonic Gen: M110B1
sadly there is not CV control and of course no Midi. 

Siel mono and cruise

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