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Akai MPC60
Sample shop

-Moderns and vintage sounds especially made for MPC60!
-we offer Direct dowload of IMAGE FILE* exclusive sound collection.
-Buy at GUM road with paypal and SSL ENCRYPTION
-Many freebies and free sounds!

roger linn collection

*FREE!* 23 disk library 

Official MPC60 disk library from the 80' ! 23 disk in .img format for any OS (PGM+ALL)

buy MFB 522 samples

MFB 522 sample pack +wav 

German 808 all analog sampled with 12 bits converters + 13 sounds in both raw 12 bits and converted standard 24 bit + MPC60 IMG*

707 pack

Tr707 sample pack + wav

Classi digital ! all analog sampled with 12 bits converters + 14 sounds in both raw 12 bits and converted standard 24 bit + MPC60 IMG*

mopho for mpc60

DSI Mopho sample pack 

We sampled 23 drum + bass out of the analog handeld mopho from Dave Smith! including SND sounds, mapping and IMG* file for USB emulator

Rhythm ace

Ace Tone FR1 DRUM sample pack

Pre roland Tr drum machine! all 16 SND sounds sampled with originale IMG* file for USB emulator / disk drive

Drumulator sample

Drumulator drum machine at 12 bits 

Iconic drum machine! 15 samples at 24 bits recorded with Akai MPC60 (including original 12 bits files)

MPc60 bass station 2

Bass station2 LOFI drum - bass

30 Short drums and basses from analog Novation basstation 2, all sampled with MPC60.F or LOFI techno, electro cheap sound



coming soon

- These sounds are compatible with AKAI MPC60 with OS3 installed! prior version WON'T WORK!

- file contains both disk IMAGE file (.img) and raw SND files with PGM.
It is possible to copy them to your USB disk or raw-write back to a DD 720disk. However keep in mind process requires some knowledges. We can of course assist, but there are so many hardware configuration, it would be very difficult. Please refer to OMNIFLOP page to manage the IMG files.

-If you're true oldschool, we can provide also true floppy disk (NOS) , just contact us as shipment may vary 

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