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Sample shop

A lot of cool sounds for hardware and software samplers Here you can find many sample packs for sale as well as FREEBIES!! 

- You can use all samples within the product with no limitation, for commercial and non-commercial music productions (read included license)

Sample pack (wav)

Drumulator sample pack

Emu drumulator samples

Iconic drum machine! 15 samples at 24 bits recorded with Akai MPC60 (including original 12 bits files)

mfb522 sample

MFB522 samples at 12 bits

MFB522 Analog german drum machine! 13 samples at 24 bits recorded with Akai MPC60 (including original 12 bits files)


Pigmenti textures + loops samples  *Free*

37 samples at 24 bits! 44 Khz inspired from Pigments.

free yamaha dd14

Yamaha DD14 drum sample pack  *Free*

79 wav sounds from lofi drum pad (16 bits 44kHz) including SF2 version and original demo! 

free xr10 sample pack

Akai XR10 sample pack *Free*

62 samples at 24 bits 44 kHz from vintage drum machine XR10.

glitch sample pack

Error Glitch modular sample pack 

183 sounds bleeps, glitch, modem-like and harsh sounds out of a big modular.

casio pt1

Casio PT1 drum sample pack  *Free*

3 (cult) drum sounds for some DADA 80 lofi rhythm!

tr707 sample pack

Tr707 drum sample pack

Sampled with powerful 12 bits MPC60 converters. Includes both SND original files + wav converted


Jv30 free pack (strings, choirs,pad)

100 sounds (no mapped) 20mb of 16 bits sounds, including digital choirs, pads and strings! *free*

 Sample packs for Hardware samplers

Akai mpc60

Akai MPC60 -  samples shop

Download /buy famous drum machines, effects, modular sounds especially for the old 12 bits grungy machine (OS3)! image files for your emulator and SND files with PGM mapping

Dj70 shop

Roland Dj70 - sample shop

dedicated to Dj70 sampler with fresh samples from machines, not the usual (ugly) stuff you find on the net! also spare parts and usb emulator