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Roland XV-5080

128 Voice Synthesizer Module (2000)

High quality module from roland: top of XV/JV series, compendium of the gold digital Era. Also considered even better then successive phantom series


OVERVIEW 2 units rackmount with a pretty large 320 x 80 pixel backlit LCD, main data encoder, front headphones and smart media cards slot (up to 128 mb, will load at boot system).

-XV3080 slimmed down version
-Roland 5080soundcloud: a vst online

Terminal connectors (from left)
- VDE power connetor
- Mid interface (with 2x IN)
- 25 db SCSI connector with ID selector
- 2 stereo main out + 6 aux
- R-BUS connect RMBD2 (8-out 24 bit digital audio connector. Use this for connecting to the device such as Roland VM-3100Pro and DIF-AT.)
- WORD CLOCK IN Connector (44.1/48 kHz)
- SPDIF out (both optical and coaxial)


OSCILLATORS  the XV-5080 is a 32-part multitimbral sound generator (compatible to GM GS Midi protocol, GM Level 2 system Compatibl) that produces up to 128 simultaneous polyphonic voices. It provides sample polyphony, even with Patches containing multiple Tones. With Patches containing four stereo Tones, as well as four-Tone instruments in Rhythm Sets—you can use up to a total of eight wave types. The internal 64 mb rom contains 1083 waveforms at 44.1kHz , including famous JD-990 PCM.

IMPORT SAMPLE By expanding with SIMM (72-pin, 64/32/16 MB) memory modules, you can add the sample playback function to the module. With a CD-ROM drive connected to the SCSI connector, you can then load Roland’s S-770 Series and Akai S1000 CD-ROM libraries. You of course can perform using existing sampled tones just as they are, but you can also synthesize internal Patches into a single Wave. Additionally, since you can also save the wave data of loaded samples to SmartMedia cards, you can easily take pre-existing samples for use in your live performances, even with no CD-ROM drives or hard disks connected.

EXPANSION XV-5080 PCM and patchmemory can be also expanded using internal slots (just unscrew top cover)
- up to four Wave Expansion Boards (SRX Series)
- up to four Wave Expansion Boards (SR-JV Series)

Effect and memory

EFFECTS The reverb, the XV-5080’s most central effect, incorporates the classic SRV-3030 DSP.  Up to 3 multi-effects processors with 90 types of effect plus 4 types of reverb and 2 types of chorus, 2-band EQ + RSS and 3D Delay, Slicer, and Formant Filter

MEMORY all patches and wave can be saved to SMART memory card.
Preset Patches: 1252
User Patches: 128 
Preset Performances: 64 
User Performances: 64 
Preset Drum Kits: 21 
User Drum Kits: 4

main display edit, with expansion and memory info

Roland XV5080 Specifications

Parts   32 
Display : 320 x 80-dot Graphic Backlit LCD 
Max. Polyphony  128 
Wave Memory   64MB (16-bit linear equivalent) 
Expansion Slot :SR-JV80 Series: 4-slot, SRX Series: 4-slot, SIMM (72pin FP/EDO 64/32/16MB SIMM, Max. 128MB): 2-slot 

Preset Memory  
Patches: 1,152 (896 + 256 GM2 Patches), Performances: 64 (32 x 2 bank), Rhythm Sets: 23 (14 + 9 GM2 Rhythm Sets) 
User Memory : Patches: 128, Performances: 64, Rhythm Sets: 4 
External Storage : Device SmartMedia Card (2—128MB, 5/3.3 V): 1-slot 

 Multi Effects: 90 types (3 different MFX can be used simultaneously in Performance Mode), Reverb: 4 types, Chorus: 2 types, System EQ (2 Band) per output 

Connectors  A (MIX) Output (L/Mono, R), B, C, D (Output (L, R)), or Individual Output 1 to 8, R-BUS (Only for output), Digital Audio Output (S/PDIF 44.1/48kHz (COAXIAL 1, OPTICAL 1)), Word Clock In (BNC), SCSI (D-SUB 25-pin), Headphones, MIDI (In 1/2, Out, Thru (In1)), AC Inlet 

Power Consumption 
25W (AC 117/230/240 V) 
482 (W) x 281 (D) x 88 (H) mm 19 (W) x 11-1/16 (D) x 3-1/2 (H) inches(EIA-2U rack mount type
Weight  4.9 kg  (10 lbs. 13 oz)

M38881M2-069FP CPU
HD6437042AA13F CPU2
AK4324-VF-E2 DAC

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