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Roland RS-09

Organ / strings 09 (1979)

synthesizer vintage

"Lush vintage string / organ  processor with  minimal controls.
An upgrade from previous Saturn 09
Note: there are 2 slightly different RS09 versions  with some minor differences.

 Main Data 

Roland RS09

Company: Roland
Model: RS-09
Class:  synthesizer
Keyboard : 44 keys
Display: none
Dates: 1979
Country: Japan
Weight: 7,3 kg
Dimensions: 676 x 306 x 102 mm
PSU: internal
Price: 350€

Synthesis:  analog sub
Polyphony: full (special mono mode or early version)
Multimbric: 2 layerable parts (strings + organ)
Oscillator: 2 oscillator structure
Noise generator: none
Filter: high / low pass
LFO: vibrato
Envelope: attack  + release for string
Memory: 2 sounds
Sequencer: none
Arpeggiator: none
FX:  analog chorus  EARLY SAD reticon 512D (LATER version with MN BBD)
IC: TA7140P BA662A AMI S10430  AY-3-214

44 keys not sensible keyboard, 2 pots, 9 slider pots, 6 buttons and 3 levers. 
The RS09 exists into 2 different outfit: a more70 dark and a 80 orange black version.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- external audio input (with impedance selector)
- sustain input pedal
- headphones output
- main output (with impedance selector)
- gate out 
- organ RAW separate out (a kind of mono?)


- No official VST plugin
- no known samples library

Have some RS-09 sample set you want to share? CONTRIBUTE :) 

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 In details 

patch selection

VOICE classic full analog synthesizer based on master oscillator S10430 with octave divide down AY-3-214.  
The RS-09 is mainly based on 2 layerable sounds:  strings
& organs.

The sounds have 4 common sound controls:

1. Transpose

lowers both section to 1 octave range.

2. Tone filter adjust

A simple filter emphasis cutoff. Just a knob, no resonace. More like a little EQ.

3. Vibrato LFO

A volume modulation with variable frequency, depth and delay start.

4. Envelope 

A shared control for the release with 2 retrigger modes.

Roland RS-09

Organ Section

Feeling like Bach? well this section sounds absolutely not like a church organ... not even a B3... Very retro sound, the Organ section feature some individual tonal controls:

Octave mixer

Organ have different octave feet that can be mixed: 8' 4' 2' 1'

Organ I -II / Tone

2 different kind of organs.
Organ I-II (later version)
Tone I-II (early version)
First one  is more bright.


Turns on/off the chorus effect.

Organ Tab

Only on early version! a kind of mono mode, sound goes out from the dedicated out.

organ RS09

String Section

Very lush section, quite different from classic Italo string machine. This section also have some possible edit:

Octave mixer

Strings have only two footages: 8' and 4'

Strings  I -II / Tone

2 different kind ofstrings.
Strings I-II (switch later version)
Tone I-II (tab early version)


Turns on/off the chorus effect.

Roland RS09
Roland RS09

Our Verdict 

"Very lush retro sound, like it! not really a professiona Roland RS or VP, but you can achieve some good sounds out of it (if you like string-like stuff). These are getting everyday more expensive. " 





Quality / 



- limited
- getting expensive
- some rare IC (like early reticon)


- lush sound 
- vintage strings

Are you a RS09 user? do you like it? You do not agree with our review?  Let us know in the comment field just below 



Audio demo and video 

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Roland RS09 Roland RS09
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