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Roland Mc-307

Groovebox (1999)

Groovebox, drum machines, sequencer and more. The mc307 is considered as a cut-down version of the mc-505 but features also some upgrades.


OVERVIEW desktop module with 16 pads used also for pattern programming, 8 sliders for real time mix and edit, main data wheel and a pretty little display . The special Turntable Emulation" mode which affects the pattern tempo and pitch in much the same way as a  technics 1200 (no no not the same!). Special GRAB switch  can be used for real-time on/off operation of the reverb, delay and Multi-effect like frequency ISOLATOR.

Terminal connectors:
- external psu input 9VDE 1A negative center
- midi interface IN OUT
- Pedal switch input
- main out jacks
- headphones out


OSCILLATORS PCM rompler with 64-voice polyphony with more than 740 PCM sounds dance-oriented from classic synthesizer such as Jupiter 8 juno106 , tb303 and famous japanese drum machine like tr808, tr909 or tr606

ENVELOPE a single one with classic Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release (sliders)

LFO single modulator  which can be synched, retriggered or clocked to tempo. Shapes are: Sample & Hold, Saw Up, Saw Down, Square, Triangle

FILTER digital multimode LPF/HPF/ BPF / PEAKING resonant filter.

Effect , sequencer and memory

EFFECTS digital signal processing technology provides three multi-effect units: Reverb adds reverberation, Delay adds echo-like effects, and M-FX (general-purpose multi-effect unit) provides 25 types of effect dance music oriented

SEQUENCER real time or step, 8-parts with various tempo-divider (sync to midi clock is featured)

ARPEGGIATOR 43 preset, 10 user patterns

MEMORY  800 presets plus 256 user + 240 preset patterns, 470 RPS, 200 user; 50 songs; 40,000 notes memory
> RESET FACTORY PROCEDURE: Press [SYSTEM] button.The menu screen for system set-up appears.2.Press [F2 (UTIL)] button.3.Press [CURSOR (down)] button.Go to the screen where “FACTORY RESET” appears.4.Press [F1 (FACT)] button.The “FACTORY RESET” screen appears and an “ARE YOU SURE?” message appears.

Roland MC-307 Specifications

Model: mc307
Brand: Roland
Year: 1999
Type: groovebox
Country: Japan

Type: Digital
Controls 16 pads
Synthesis: ROMPLER
Oscillators : 2 PCM
Polyphony: 64

Envelopes: 1 /  Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release 
Filter digital Types: Band Pass, High Pass, Low Pass, PKG, Resonance 
LFO: 1 Parameters: Sample & Hold, Saw Up, Saw Down, Square, Triangle, Clocked, Freerun, Key 

Patches 800 presets plus 256 user + 240 preset patterns

Arpeggiator :43 preset, 10 user patterns
Effects  Reverb, Delay, EFX (25 types) 
Sequencer  95,000 notes

Display Type:   136 x 32 Dots Graphic LCD (Backlit) + 7 segment 25 characters - 7 segment 4 character (LED)

Current Draw 1000mA

DIMENSIONS 422 (W) x 277 (D) x 98 (H) mm
16 - 5/8 (W) x 10 - 15/16 (D) x 3 - 7/8 (H) inches

WEIGHT2.2kg/ 4lbs 14oz

CPU HD6437016E08F 

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Roland MC307 ROLAND
Groovebox from the nineties. 123456789 1234567890123
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Product description: Classic drum, sequencer, many old sounds and patterns. Customer reviews:
more sounds than classic mc505 , no more dbeam! - by , April 1, 2012
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