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Roland Jx-305

Groovesynth (1998)

It's more or less a keyboard version of famous groovebox Mc-505 with extra waves, but lacking great features such as part mixer and  D-Beam 


OVERVIEW plastic synth casing in dark blue, quite ugly with 61 keys, the keyboard is sensitive to velocity and has channel aftertouch, tiny 16 characters, 2 lines display LCD.  Edit is made using  10 knobs and 56 buttons, plus an alpha dial for parameter adjustment, 

Terminal connectors:
- memory card slot SMART media
- Midi interface IN OUT THRU
- pedal inputs (x3) 
- Main out jacks
- headphones out
- PSU input 9vdc 450mA negative center


OSCILLATORS PCM rompler with 64-voice polyphony with more than 600 PCM sounds dance-oriented from classic synthesizer such as Jupiter 8 juno106 , tb303 and famous japanese drum machine like tr808, tr909 or tr606.  The jx305 contains alla mc505 wavetable plus an extra set oriented to (boring) GS GM. Sound can be set in  single, dual, and split mode for different performance mode with  8-part multitimbral features.

ENVELOPE a single one with classic Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release.

LFO single modulator  which can be synched, retriggered or clocked to tempo. Shapes are: Sample & Hold, Saw Up, Saw Down, Square, Triangle

FILTER digital multimode LPF/HPF/ BPF resonant filter.

Effect , sequencer and memory

EFFECTS digital signal processing technology provides three multi-effect units: Reverb adds reverberation, Delay adds echo-like effects, and M-FX (general-purpose multi-effect unit) provides 24 types of effect dance music oriented

SEQUENCER real time or step, 8-parts with various tempo-divider (sync to midi clock is featured)

ARPEGGIATOR 43 preset, 10 user patterns

MEMORY   640 factory Patche plus 256 user + 274  preset patterns preset patterns, 470 RPS, 200 user; 50 songs; 75,000 notes (up to 200 patterns). By using a memory card (SmartMedia), the capacity can be boosted to a maximum of approximately 480,000 notes

Roland MC-307 Specifications

Model: jx305
Brand: Roland
Keyboard  61 keys (with velocity & channel aftertouch) 
Maximum Polyphony  64 voices 
Display : LCD: 16 characters, 2 lines, beat LED 
Patches  Presets: 640  User: 256  Card: 512 
Rhythm Sets  Preset: 32 +  User: 20  + Card: 20 
Effects  Reverb  Delay  Multi-effect 
Tracks: 8 + Mute Control Track
Resolution: 96 ticks per quarter note
Tempo: 20.0 - 240.0
Songs: 50
Presets: 274
RPS: 494
User: 200 (maximum)
Card: 200 (maximum)
Maximum Note Storage
Internal: approximately 75,000 notes
Card (option 2mb): approximately 220,000 notes
Card (option 4mb): approximately 440,000 notes

Arpeggiator _53 styles 
RPS Set  60 
Output Jacks (L(Mono), R)
Phones Jack
MIDI Connectors (In, Out, Thru)
Pedal Hold Jack
Pedal Control Jack
Pedal Switch Jack
Memory Card Slot
Power Supply
AC Adaptor (DC9 V) DRAW. 450 mA

Width 1011 mm (39-13/16 inches)
Depth 289 mm (11-7/16 inches)
Height 83 mm (3-5/16 inches)
Weight  6.9 kg / 15 lbs 4 oz (excluding AC adaptor) 

Options  SmartMedia: S2M-5 / S4M-5 

CPU HD6437042AE32F
DAC AK4324-VF-E2

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