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Roland EM-25

Creative Keyboard  (2000)

same as EM-15 adding a disk drive for storage


OVERVIEW 61 keys with  large, graphic LCD and  big icons, no pitch wheels. Internal  5W x 2  speakers

Terminal connectors:
- Midi Interface (no Thru port)
- main signal out + phones1
- headphones out 2
- sustain footswitch
- Power supply is external PSU with 12V AC/DC -)+ polarity. 1 amp 


SOUND 16-part multitimbral sound engine with 226 GM2/GS-compatible sounds and 9 drum kits

ARRANGER 64 music styles and special Roland Style Morphing and Style Orchestrator functions mostly aimed for music learning classes, and interactive games: Guess the Tone, Guess the Style, and Chord Finder.

STORAGE  pretty obsolete 3.5" floppy drive for loading Standard MIDI Files and saving User data, can be replaced with USB emulator. It reads standard dos file system.

Youtube Video

Em25 CPU h8 / 510

Roland EM25  Specifications

keys 61
touch sensitivity Yes
sound generation GM/GS - 1MBWave ROM
total sounds 226 Tones
multitimbral parts 16
Storage: disk drive

lcd display Yes, backlit
styles 64
layer Yes (2 sounds)
modes Arranger/M.Drums/Piano/Organ
style morphing Yes
style orchestrator Yes
melody intelligence Yes
one touch 4 per Style
user programs 8
split Yes
transpose Yes
effects Chorus/reverb (8)
recorder 2 tracks/real time
balance 2 zones (accomp/keyboard)
master volume Yes
metronome Yes
musical games 2 types + chord finder
connectors MIDI IN/OUT sustain,Headphones x 2)

rated output 3 + 3 W [RMS]
power supply ACN-adapter
size 960 x 380 x 128 mm
weight 6 kg

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