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Roland EM-15 OR

Oriental Creative Keyboard  (2000)

Oriental version of classic EM-15


OVERVIEW 61 keys with  large, graphic LCD and  easy-to-understand icons, no pitch wheels. Internal  5W x 2  speakers
 Special 12 Oriental Scale buttons for instant alternate tunings 

Terminal connectors:
- Midi Interface (no Thru port)
- main signal out + phones1
- headphones out 2
- sustain footswitch
- Power supply is external PSU with 12V AC/DC -)+ polarity. 1 amp 


SOUND 226 Tones +  22 Oriental Tones; 9 drum kits plus 1 Oriental drum kit;

ARRANGER 64 music styles (including 32 Oriental styles ) and special Roland Style Morphing and Style Orchestrator functions mostly aimed for music learning classes, and interactive games: Guess the Tone, Guess the Style, and Chord Finder.

EFFECTS Chorus/reverb (8) 

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Roland EM15OR  Specifications

keys 61
touch sensitivity Yes
sound generation GM/GS - 1MBWave ROM
total sounds 226 Tones + 22 Oriental Tones; 9 drum kits plus 1 Oriental drum kit;
multitimbral parts 16

lcd display Yes, backlit
styles 32 western + 32 oriental
layer Yes (2 sounds)
modes Arranger/M.Drums/Piano/Organ
style morphing Yes
style orchestrator Yes
melody intelligence Yes
one touch 4 per Style
user programs 8
split Yes
transpose Yes
effects Chorus/reverb (8)
recorder 2 tracks/real time
balance 2 zones (accomp/keyboard)
master volume Yes
metronome Yes
musical games 2 types + chord finder
connectors MIDI IN/OUT sustain,Headphones x 2)

rated output 3 + 3 W [RMS]
power supply ACN-adapter
size 960 x 380 x 128 mm
weight 6 kg

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