Novation Nova

Polyphonic Synthesizer (2000)

Pe-packaged low budget version of Powerful module SUPERNOVA based on virtual analog synthesis adding a special VOCODER effect


OVERVIEW compact all plastic - desktop synth module, but it can also be mounted in a rack with optional rack ears. Very nice Blue display, a lot of buttons, I hate, quite flimsy! but all knobs, switches and Parameters transmit MIDI Controller, which is very useful and should be mandatory.

Novation NOVA II : expanded keyboard version (61 or 49 keys) with more features

Terminal connectors:
- Midi Interface (6-5-4)
- main signal out (1)
- 2 aux out (2)
- headphones (3)
- power switch (7)
- power psu in (DIN LIKE) (8) Model No KA60A
- 2 inputs (10) with sensitivity tab (9)


OSCILLATORS  SMD BOARD -analog Sound Modeling (ASM) generates  12 voice polyphony (16 with OS upgrade) each with 3 virtual oscillator  (saw, special double saw and variable pulse width) plus noise.The nova can handle up to 6 part Multitimbral which can be routed to indivual outputs (up to 4 mono).

LFO  2 LFOs: saw, tri square sample/hold

FILTER Multimode digital Resonant resonant low‑pass, resonant high‑pass, resonant band‑pass, notch, low‑pass plus low‑pass, band‑pass plus band‑pass, high‑pass plus high‑pass, low‑pass plus low‑pass, and band‑pass plus high‑pass.... boring eh?

Effect and memory

EFFECT  digital DSP : Distortion, comb filtering, EQ, reverb, chorus, flange, phaser, delay, panning and special 40-band vocoder

MEMORY  256 Programs in 2 banks. + 128 Performances.

Novation NOVA smd board.

Novation Nova Specifications

Synthesis System Analogue Sound Modelling.
Polyphony 16 Voices.with 6 part Multitimbral.
All knobs, switches and Parameters transmit MIDI Controllers and NRPNs. Knob pick-up eliminates unexpected surges or changes when switching between Programs.

Sound Sources per Voice
3 Oscillators, 2 Ring Modulators and a Noise Generator. Up to 6 Oscillators can be generated with no loss in polyphony when the special Double Saw waveform is used.

Modulation Matrix : 130 possible routings.

Filter: 12, 18 and 24 dB per octave Resonant filter configurable in Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass modes, plus 9 Dual/Split filter types with modulable frequency separation. All filters also feature an overdrive control, while Filter Bypass mode allows noise to be filtered independently – ideal for the creation of drum sounds. 

LFO 2 LFOs capable of oscillating at Audio rates.

 Effects Distortion, Comb Filter, EQ, Reverb, Chorus/Flanger/Phaser/Rotary Speaker, Delay and Panning effects for each Program.

40 Band Vocoder that can run simultaneously with the Full Synth Engine (no reduction of polyphony etc).

OUT: 6 assignable polyphonic outputs with 128 x Oversampling Delta Sigma DACs for each output. Stereo effects can be routed through a single channel without compromising quality, releasing more outputs.

 INPUT 2 Audio Inputs. Signals can be routed through the Synth Engine (Filters), Effects or both. 20 bit ADCs. Input Sensitivity Selectable between Microphone, Guitar, - 10dB and +4dB Levels. Metering PPM Metering with Variable Trim & 40 Band Spectrum Analyser on the Display.

MEMORY: 256 Programs in 2 banks. + 128 Performances.

ARPEGGIATOR:  Built in Arpeggiator , up to 6 Arpeggiators are available simultaneously in Performance mode.

OS: Flash upgradable 

MIDI:  In/Out/Thru. Program change and Controller transmit options can be disabled, and the Nova with OS4 offers forward compatibility with Novation’s Supernova II series synths - sysex dumps from the Supernova II can be accommodated.

DIMENSIONS: 6U Rackmount (Rack Kit Included) Hx63mm (including knobs) Dx193mm Wx383mm.

Weight 5kg

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