Mam Sq16

Music And More - Step sequencer (2000)

MIDI multi-track hardware sequencer


OVERVIEW rugged metal desktop machine with classic 16 steps like roland machines, like analogue‑style hardware sequencer - It features a very basic digit display plus 62 LEDs and 45 black plastic buttons for edit and record procedure.
The SQ16 is predominantly used to create and rigger drum sequences and it does not have a built-in sound source; instead it out-puts MIDI data which control single drum instruments in an external drum expander or synthesize

Terminal connectors:
- Midi IN
- Midi OUT
- Midi THRU
- AC-AC 12V
- power switch


SEQUENCER  . SQ16 features 16 channel Midi tracks: 13 for drumsounds only (each step always has same note) + 3 channels are note-tracks (each step can contain different notes). Each track features an Accent on/off track for each step. You cannot program velocity-values for each individual step,  only two different values. Each step always uses one of those two values depending on the accent flag. A bit limit for advanced drumming programming. NOTE:  the machine lacks decent Groove Shuffle feature.

PATTERNS Lengths and duration of notes can be to full 100% (one step) or 50% (half step).
Patterns have always 16 steps and can have a step length from 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 to 1/32

MEMORY is organized in 8 blocks, each contains up to 64 patterns, 8 songs, chains . Only one Block can be accessed at a time, so you cannot combine patterns from one block with a pattern that was stored in a different block.  It is possible to save all your data by Midi dump.

SYNC it is possible to synchronize the machine with either:
- Midi clock
- Sync 24 from classic TRXX BOX or tb303

MAM SQ16 Specifications

Pattern-based MIDI sequencer with 16 steps per PatternStep Data:13 instrument tracks (1 note per step, fixed note number, On/Off message)3 note tracks (1 note per step, arbitrary note number, On/Off message)

User Data 8 blocks, each containing-64 Patterns-8 Songs-16 Chains-16 MIDI Sets -16 Step Sets-16 Rotate settings-15 Mute settings

Play modes Pattern Song (sequential playback of arbitrary Patterns)Chain (chaining Patterns)

Special functions- recording note tracks in realtime (via MIDI In);different recorded modes (Step, Arpeggio...)- creation of rhythmical variations using the Rotate function- Delay (Echo) function

Controls 47 buttonsDisplays - 62 LEDs, 7-segment displays

ConnectionsMIDI InMIDI OutMIDI ThruSync Out Connector for external power supply 

Dimensions320mm x 60mm x 173mm (WxHxD)

Weight1,4 Kg

Accessories external power supply (12V AC/830mA) - Consumption2 W

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