Roland A-880 (1988)

Roland A-880

Trend price :70-150€

Stand-alone buffered Midi signal router with 8 inputs and 8 outputs.

Company: Roland
Model: A-880
Class: MIDI router
Weight: 3 Kg
Dimensions: 482 (w) x 44 (h) x 286 (d) mm
Rack unit: 1
Dates: 1988
Midi inputs: 8 DINs
Midi outs: 8 DINs
Memory: 64 slots

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RACKMOUNT 1 standard unit.
The front panel features 4 buttonsand a 8 x 2 matrix buttons.
Front panel terminal connectors:
- 2 Midi inputs
- 2 Midi outputs
Back panel terminal connectors:
- 6 Midi inputs
- 6 Midi outputs

The A-880 is provided with eight indipendent Midi IN's and OUT's. You can select any of those In and Out sockets, and also mixi Midi messages from two Midi IN's and send them over from more than one Midi OUT's.A- 880 allows to route incoming signal from 8 inputs to any of the 8 outs. Interface is really intuitive: to route a signal just use the matrix select the IN and push the corresponding OUT you wish (even more than 1, it MERGES also the signal).
TIP: The special SCAN functions allows to verify the actual routing on the panel matrix.

Filter function
the Midi data can be filtered like for exclusives systems, program change, pressure, pitch bender and others.

Merge function
It is possible to merge (or split) incoming signals to the same output e.g: a masterkeyboard + a controller to a single Midi module.
TIP: There are some restrictions like Midi clocks merging is not possible (and senseless).

- 64 RAM slots
To write a setup, simply push WRITE and a slot from the matrix (8 x 8=64).
The memory system works with a CR-2032 in a holder: quite easy to replace.


Video :

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OK: cheap
NOT : no display
"A classic in studio since 1988. Smart routing for few bucks, and no USB drivers hassle"



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