Logan String Melody 

String processor (1973)

First incarnation of the more famous Mk2 released 4 years later


OVERVIEW  the keyboard consists of four octaves (49 keys) heavy wooden case from the seventies; It features full polyphony with divide-down technology. There are 9 sliders on the left + 4 others above the keys. 

Terminal connectors:
- audio out
- volume pedal control
- power button


OSCILLATORS The Logan sound generator is based on a master oscillator with a MK50240 top octave divider chip, so it divides  the generated oscillator square wave into  the 12 semitone notes of an equal tempered octave.  The left range split can have monophonic bass sound with extra volume and percussion attack control.

SOUNDS there are basically 3 sounds "CELLO", "VIOLA" and "VIOLIN" you can mix a combination of three string sounds.
The String Melody II features also  single preset (mk2 features four more)
orch.: full orchestra w/o mixer and bass

ENVELOPE it is possible to control the attack and the decay times per keyboard zone.

EFFECT  chorus generated by ITT TCA350 transistor bucket brigade along with a double low frequency oscillator

LOGAN string melody 1  Specifications

Model: hohner
Year: 1973
Country: Italy
Display: none
Actual Price: 350€ (growing)

Polyphony - 49 notes
2x LFO - No user controls
Envelope - Attack / Decay (Sustain)
Effects - Ensemble effects 
Keyboard - 49 keys non velocity
Memory - None
Control - Volume Control Pedal input

MK50240 mostek

Weight: 23 Kg
Dimensions: 78 × 28,6 × 8,8 cm

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