Farfisa Fast 5 (1968)

The flagship of the Italian retro organ FAST SERIES


OVERVIEW 5 C-C octaves organ with traditional tabs, 12 bass notes-
 It comes with chromes legs and cover, bass pedal was optional.

-FAST2 simplest of the series
-FAST3 improved fast2
-FAST4 improves fast3 while this FAST 5 improves on the FAST 4 with the addition of three 8' Sustain voices (Celesta, Clavichord, Kinura).  

Terminal connectors:
- SWELL pedal input
- bass pedal input (it was optional)
- main signal out

FAST...what does it mean? Simply ... Farfisa All Silicon Transistor


Bass Tabs (black): Pedal Bass Manual: Soft/Sharp, Manual Bass Selector: Treble/Bass 
Treble Voice Tabs (purple): Bass 16', Bass Clarinet 16', Flute 8', Oboe 8', Trumpet 8', Strings 8', Flute 4', Piccolo 4', Mixture, Brilliant Mixture 
Percussion Tabs (orange): Manual Bass On/Off, Treble On/Off, Long/Short, Mixture On/Off, Mixture Soft/Sharp 
Sustain Voice Tabs (yellow): Celesta 8', Clavichord 8', Kinura 8' 
Knob: Main Volume 

EFFECT   Simple Vibrato Tabs (blue): Slow/Fast, Light/Heavy, Off/On 

Farfisa FAST 5 Specifications

Model: fast 5
Brand: farfisa
Year: 1968
Country: Italy
Display: none
Actual Price: 500€ (growing)
Keyboard: 49 keys with no velocity C/C

Polyphony: FULL
Synthesis: Analog Subtractive
Timbrality: 1

LFO: 1 vibrato

Envelope: 3 X EGs ADBSSR

Effects: analog chorus
Midi: NO
Sequencer: NO
Weight: n/a
Dimensions: n/a

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