Ensoniq MR Rack

Sound module (1996)

Rack version of workstation Mr61 with less features


OVERVIEW  1U rackmount unit with a  40 (2 x 20) LCD display, 2 rotary encoders, Midi led, volume pot and 10 buttons

- MR 61 keyboard version with more features including disk, drum machine, sequencer and pedal inputs.

Terminal connectors:
- Midi Interface 
- main signal out + 2 aux
- headphones (front)
- data card (front)


OSCILLATORS 64 voices polyphony , 44.1 kHz sample playback rate at 18-bit D/A conversion,  the internal wavetable features 
112 Megabits (14 MB) of 16-bit wave ROM including 28 Megabits (3.5 MB) of acoustic piano, multi-sampled acoustic instruments and synthesizers,  Transwaves (created through digital synthesis and resynthesis technologies) , sustained synth waveforms with harmonic and inharmonic structures 

- 256 RAM sounds possible (70 sounds shipped from factory)
- 468 ROM sounds (2 banks of 128, 79 drum kits, 128 GM sounds, 11 GM/GS drum kits) 
-  751 ROM drum elements  

Expansion, sequencer and effects

EXPANSION  3 expansion slots, for a total of up to 688 Megabits (86 MB) of ROM wave data, or up to 96 Megabits (12 MB) of user-loadable samples . A Wave Expansion board holds up to 192 Megabits (24 MB) wave data, multiple banks of sounds (up to 128 per bank), and demos 
An MR-FLASH sample memory board provides 4 MB of re-writable FLASH ROM memory for .AIFF and .WAV files.
Expansion boards are user-installable just like Roland JV1080

EFFECTS  40 insert effect choices  Effects can be routed to Main or Aux outputs + reverb-

SEQUENCER  16 tracks midi with  384 PPQ resolution

ENSONIQ MR RACK Specifications

MR-Rack 64-Voice Expandable Synth Module
     44.1 kHz sample playback rate 
    18-bit D/A conversion with 108 dB dynamic range
    103 dB signal-to-noise ratio
    Ground-compensated output circuitry
    Left/Mono and Right Main outputs (balanced TRS)
    Left/Mono and Right Aux outputs (balanced TRS)
    Stereo headphone output
    MIDI In/Out/Thru

    40 (2 x 20) character LCDdisplay
    2 Data Entry knobs, 10 buttons (6 with LEDs) , front panel
    effects bypass, MIDIindicator LED,Volumeknob
    SoundFinderâ„¢ interface - one knob selects sound type, another knob selects
    specific sound. Sounds can be searched for alphabetically within musical instrument
    categories, or numerically within Bank locations

Internal Sound/Performance Memory
    393 ROM sounds (two Banks of 128 sounds, 128 GM sounds, and
    11GM/GS drum kits), plus 422 ROM drum elements
    Up to 128 RAM sounds possible (67 are in the box when shipped; the
    total number at any given time may vary, due to the dynamic voice size)
    65 ROM Performances (16 parts each), comprised of eight multi-timbral
    sequencing setups and 20 performance stacks/splits
    32 RAM Performances (16 parts each) If you would like to see
    the full list of sounds ...

Card Sound/Performance Memory

    96 Megabits (12 MB) of 16-bit wave ROM Over 5000 variations possible
    from the over 300 waveform selections,which include:
    28 Megabits (3.5 MB) of acoustic piano
    Multi-sampled acoustic instruments in Keyboard, Synth, String, Brass &
    Horn,Wind & Reed, Vocal, Bass, Drum, Percussion, and Sound Effect groups
    2nd-generation Transwaves ; created through sampling, digital synthesis,
    and digital resynthesis technologies
    Sustained synth waveforms with harmonic and inharmonic structures
    Modulatable start point, forward or backward playback.

Expansion Memory
    3 wave expansion board slots, for a total of up to 672 Megabits
    (84 MB)of ROM wave data
    A board holds up to 192 Megabits (24 MB) wave data, multiple Banks
    of Sounds/Performances (up to 128 Sounds and 32 Performances per Bank), demos
    Expansion boards are user-installable

Voice Architecture (accessible via computer)
    64 dynamically assigned voices
    Dynamically sized voice architecture (up to 16 Layers) , with the following parameters:
    Independent waveform selection
    Programmable layer delay up to 10 secs or by key-up trigger
    2 independent multi-mode dynamic digital filters (low-pass, high-pass, variable
    bandwidth band-pass) with key tracking (33 settings, including man yfractional scaling options)
    3 five-stage envelope generators (time and level) with level and attack time
    modulable by velocity (8 possible curves) , key scaling, and response to release velocity
    45 ROM Pitch Tables with a resolution of 256 steps per semitone
    8 modulation destinations
    1 LFO with 7 waveform choices, sync-able to System clock
    (definable in BPM) orexternal MIDI clock, with 12 rhythmic subdivisions
    Variable rate Noise generator, sync-able to System clock
    (definable in BPM) orexternal MIDI clock, with 12 rhythmic subdivisions
    Volume and Pan
    Semi-tone and fine tuning
    Pitch tracking (33 settings, including many fractional scaling options)
    Key and velocity ranges
    Voice trigger options (key-up, key-down, MIDI controller enable)
    Glide mode, glide time
    Mono/poly playback
    Pitch Bend on/off, Held
    Pitch Bend modePitch Bend range is programmable for both positive
    and negative wheel directions
    Sustain on/off
    Key group assignment

A Performance is a 16-part combination of Sounds. Parts can be assigned their
own MIDI channel for multi-timbral reception, be set to the same MIDIchannel for
layer and split options, and be individually muted.
Parts can be set to a global "Stack" channel, which can then be defined as any
channel (1-16). In this way layered or split setups can be quickly matched to a
given input channel by simply changing the Stack channel setting.
Each Performance contains a custom DrumKit

    New VLSI 24-bit digital signal processor (ESP-2) with 26 MIPS of DSP
    power, 52-bit accumulation
    New UMTE (Universal Multi-Timbral Effects) architecture with 6 stereo
    3 stereo busses with independent send amounts into global reverb
    1 stereo bus with a wet/dry mix into global chorus and a send amount into global
    1 stereo bus with a wet/dry mix into an insert effect, a wet/dry mix into global
    chorus, and a send amount into global reverb
    1 dedicated stereo dry bus
    40 Insert effects; choices
Hall Reverb DDL EQ Small Room DDL Flanger Large Room DDL
Phaser Small Plate Parametric EQ Large Plate Rotary Speaker Gated Reverb
Guitar Amp NonLinear Reverb 1 Distortion AutoWah
NonLinear Reverb 2 Distortion Chorus Reverb Chorus Distortion
Flanger Reverb Flanger Distortion Phaser Reverb
Phaser Distortion VCF DDL Stereo Chorus Resonant VCF
DDL 8-Voice Chorus Tunable Speaker Chorus Reverb Distortion Chorus Formant Morph
Tremolo EQ Reverb Compressor Distortion
Chatter Box DDL Flanger Reverb EQ Chorus
DDL Phaser Reverb Compressor/Gate Spinner Reverb Pitch Detuner Multi-Tap

    Dimensions: 19" (48.26 cm) wide by 1 3/4 " (4.29 cm) high x 9 3/4 " (23.6 cm) deep
    19" rack mount standard, 1U high
    Weight: 9.7 pounds (4.4 kilograms) unboxed, 17.6 pounds (8.0 kilograms) boxed

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